More 9/11 Truth On MSNBC During RNC - 9/3/08


Great exposure!

The Politics of Energy.


More PNAC Evangelists here.

Excellent Job Truthers. It is POETIC JUSTICE.

Made my day.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

this video is only a taste

of what I witnessed for about an hour yesterday on MSNBC : )

Surely the sleeping masses must by now be...

beginning to wonder just a tad if we might be on to something?

Great job, Twin Cities Truthers!

Surely the sleeping masses must by now be...

beginning to wonder just a tad if we might be on to something?

Great job, Twin Cities Truthers!

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Good job! I'll have my T-bone medium-rare, please ... What? ... Oh.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Excellent Job!

Excellent job MN Truthers! Great exposure!

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Keep exposing the 9/11 lie

Who cares if we are called names at this point. Now it is a fact that the same people who dismiss the 9/11 truthers are the same ones who think we went to war in Iraq over WMD (read Price of loyalty--Bush planned Iraq invasion on day 1-exposed)

These same people who point at truthers are the ones that blindly follow the MSM as they print stories of how a scientist was paid 6 million for false accusations of making anthrax and 30 days later a dead scientist with no evidence whatsoever is the new scapegoat. They believe the FBI when it's claimed hijackers living with their informant is simply a coincidence and pay the informant hundreds of thousands of tax dollors to not testity in investigations. They also think it's perfectly OK to accept that WTC 7 came down assymetrically inside and symmetrically outside because of normal office fires.

They went along as every major network reported the ATTA/Jarrah video as a release from AL Qaeda when it's a proven fact that US Intelligence had the tape for years and released it.

The real fools are being exposed with every rally and sign. Keep it up!

Well done MN Truthers!

Perfect placement of the signs. Great job getting fantastic exposure.

Thank you!!


While the peace activists using last century's tactics and getting busted [and being completely "tooled" by the HI PERPS' cointelpro ops], and thusly justifying the need for the "stepped-up" police state that we are suffering, are not ony wasting their time, but they are acting EXACTLY as the HI PERPS want them to act...counterproductively...

In the meantime...911 Truthers are being smarter than our enemies...cleverly placing our product on THEIR SYSTEMS with hardly a notice by the "electron manipulators" themselves [known as the corporate or Mockingbird media]...and consequently, we are getting our message out to millions of citizens...

...and those foolish and naive protesters get NOTHING POSITIVE ACCOMPLISHED...

actually, its the OPPOSITE...after this foolishness, regular folks now feel that they have a need for even MORE POLICE!!

This approach by MSP911 is FAR, FAR more effective for 911 Truth than one might think...and it represents a paradigm shift...a BIG one!

So very, very well done MSP911!!!!

We can do this...we just have to keep thinking outside the "60s box"...and keep one quiet step ahead of them...

...we just need to be at the right the right time...with the right messaging...and THEN we need to party...

The HI PERPS have no answer for citizens who practice INFORMED CONSENT!

[Its the CI thing again..]

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon


Even with all the nazi police state tactics going on, 9/11 truth is able to achieve this type of exposure. I'm starting to think the dam really is breaking now. I'm getting this anticipatory feeling in my gut, smelling something great not far ahead, probably not unlike those Germans who anticipated the collapse of the wall in 1989...

Is there a way to

Is there a way to increase/amplify the sound on this?

The sound quality on this video is super quiet compared to the DNC Chris Matthews video.


Well done!

A suggestion: during live broadcasts, people watching the TV could be phoning the demonstrators and guiding them to the best positions for TV visibility.