WIkipedia blocks William Rodriguez's Page

In a very interesting move, Wikipedia has blocked edits to the "William Rodriguez" page, after an edit war erupted between attackers & defenders of Mr. Rodriguez. One of them has been identified as a civic employee in Canada. (More information will be provided about who this person is, and were they can be contacted in the future.)

Very interesting also is that a known editor exposed at 9/11blogger in the past, has been constantly editing his page to create a negative point of view. (See the discussion page.) Also click on the page history to see the many edits done trying to destroy his credibility. It is one of the largest discussions going on at Wikipedia.

We should all monitor this page, and once unblocked, put in our 2 cents in support of Mr. Rodriguez.

With a good amount of input, we can show Wikipedia how to be fair.

"With a good amount of

"With a good amount of input, we can show Wikipedia how to be fair."

That is very difficult. I tried to do that (make it fairer) on, eg, the WTC 7 page. In my experience, the problem is that truther editors do not work *together*. Some of them just pop in every now and then.

when those who control ...

When those in control of the mass media , or of popular web sites, or the government arms of the scientific community, or the propiganda apparatus of government, of what drilled in the heads of religous zombies by pastor participants, of what we tell our children to think thru books and in school

And when these people and institutions choose to promote and maintain a coverup of a mult-istate sponsored mass murder

Murder of police firemen and officeworkers, well the that is mass murder complicity.

Some planned ...... some exeuted ........some covered up....... some manage information

but all have the blood of 911 on their treasonist hands

is wikipedia to join that shameful coalition of the willing? stay tuned