William Rodriguez in Guatemala

William Rodriguez was in Guatemala recently, and got lots of press. Here is a sample;


Also, I want to quickly point out that Wikipedia has locked up the William Rodriguez page. We should be keeping an eye on this, and examining the comments section closely.

I can understand...

... that there might be many people who wish ill for Mr. Rodriguez, but what was his conversion to Islam all about??? (If it's true.)

Article in a Malaysian newspaper


Smoothie, your insinuation is just as bad as the ones from Mark Roberts. If true, is his religious personal believe. Nobody thinks he is religious (fanatic) at all, but what does that have to do with the truth? I am a Jehova's Witness and a lot of people does not like that either. I am also not that religious. I drink and party like a regular joe, it does not stops me from searching for the truth. Your insinuation is just as sad as the attacks and we may construe you as an attacker as well. By the way I am also gay, if you like to attack that as well.

Well, Mensa...

I am not sure what do you think I am insinuating? That Muslims are evil? Not at all.

I don't have problem with William's religious affiliation, per se, either. I am just baffled by his choice and timing, considering his great efforts to spread the 9-11 truth. You and I may agree that his Islamic affiliation is "his personal belief" and private, but it is not so for the majority of Americans. People are very suspicious of Muslims right now (at least those that I know of), and mere adherence to Islam can get you discredited very fast. Honest to god (no pun intended) -- I have relatives in Mid-West who sincerely believe that Obama is a closet Muslim who will implement some crazy Islamic agenda as soon as he gets elected.

The only thing I am "insinuating", is that from the perspective of spreading the 9-11 Truth, converting to Islam was a really dumb thing to do. Of all the delusional beliefs (which all religions are), he could have chosen one of the many Christian varieties, at least. For being a Muslim makes him much easier to discredit in the mainstream, and through him, the Truth movement as well. That is all I am "insinuating".

I am a Jehova's Witness and a lot of people does not like that either. I am also not that religious.

Good for you! However, speaking of which... If you are not that religious, why belong to a religious group in the first place? Social reasons? Moral lessons? Literary quality of your Scriptures? If you don't take your religion seriously then by definition of your religion, you are not a true believer.

Your insinuation is just as sad as the attacks...

What is really sad, is people who are supposedly pursuing the truth, clinging to religion (of any variety), not realizing that religion is the oldest form of brainwashing that there is.

its been 7 years since 9/11.

its been 7 years since 9/11. if he wants to become a muslim that his prerogative. i really doubt he that he would hold off on becoming one because the timing isnt right. i really dont see why its anyones business, especially random 9/11 truthers on the internet.

William Rodriguez is an amazing 9/11 truther from a very humble

background! He saved many lives on 9/11 as well!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Babel Fish Electronic Translation of Article



Magician and ilusionist by many years in its birthday Puerto Rico, William Rodrìguez emigrò to New York to expand its field like magician in the United States, thinking about emphasizing in Broadway or Fertile valleys.

This plan not resultò it waited for as it, and looking for a use to survive while its moment arrived, obtained a use like street cleaner in charge to clean the launching slips of emergencia in one of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. In one ocasiòn already toiling in the building, sufriò an accident and anybody llegò in time to take care of it the place where quedò locked up, spending many hours in solitude.

To raìz of this, it interposed a labor demand and ganò, reason why convirtiò in ùnico carrying of the key of access to the launching slips of emergencia of the tower where it worked. The morning of the 11 of September of 2.001 William arranged not to get to work, due to excess of fatigue and - as èl is justified “is not fàcil to sweep launching slip by launching slip the way of 110 floors… your legs arrive not to support it”, razòn by which llamò to its head to inform to him.

After the refusal of its head, William viò forced to appear to the work, but 30 minutes behind schedule of the customary thing. “If it had arrived as always - before of the 8 the morning by my breakfast free to the restaurant Windows of the World (Windows of the World) everything would have been different. In this restaurant all were my friendly… by them I could not only do nothing. They were màs above of the àrea of fire William Rodrìguez, survivor of the Twin Towers, counting its increìble history.

William Rodrìguez, survivor of the Twin Towers, counting its increìble history. THE KEY OF THE HOPE. This key serà exhibited in a museum dedicated to the 911. THE KEY OF THE HOPE. This key serà exhibited in a museum dedicated to the 911. ”. All world knows history, reason why allà of the necessary thing does not have we will extend màs, but when William Rodrìguez llegò to include/understand the magnitude of situaciòn and the danger that people corrìa, comprendiò that ùnica possible exit for the locked up people of floor 41 upwards, was hanging of its waist: The masterful key of the access to the emergencia launching slips.

Rodrìguez counts that first situaciòn of rescue that viviò, sucediò when escuchò shouts of aid within a load elevator where habìa two men who - trying to raise of floor èste instead of to raise, bajò to the sòtano that was being flooded by the water used by the system anti fires of the tower. “Water entered màs to Them that the one that salìa of the place” comentò William. (Aquì empezò the change in its life) Tormented by not being able to do nothing by èstos men who or tenìan the water that or passed the level of estòmago and podìan to die drowned, impotent and inùtil me sentì. “I was gnòstico and not creìa but nor in same the elèctrica light” allì clamè: “God mìo please… ayùdame to remove to these men from aquì…! Ayùdame” and empezò to look for in the sector of that level, something and so it could help these strangers to leave a safe death.

In a warehouse of the place habìa metàlicas stairs that - of security they were in favor all chained and assured with a single padlock (because sometimes after to use them, again robbed) and clamè to God “Sir, hazme to find one… one that not estè chained! Only one Sir” Exactly, encontrò free stairs: Màs high and the necessary one to remove from allì to these two catched men. William Rodrìguez is I complete man in leaving alive - and walking the twin towers. After its exit of the second tower, èsta empezò to collapse, but before that moment, could outside be witness of desolaciòn of the building, and the bodies of those who were sent from the stop trying not to die in the fire brought about by the entrance of the airplane to the tower.

That moment dejò hit to me. “A woman to whom ayudè to leave, was allì in the street, game in two when a large window him cayò above…. He was insòlito to think that saliò lives on the building, but its hour hoped to him outside of èl” “When I salì and the tower derrumbò, logrè to protect to me underneath camiòn of firemen that was parked just across of the street. Everything quedò dark When everything quedò in silence and the dust cloud cediò,

I could see atravès of a hole arrives mìo, the light of a lantern and tratè to walk towards her. Not sentìa my legs! But it was simply the turn out to raise and to lower to the launching slips so many times in that morning, helping to the firemen - who by the way, now I call hèroes- and loading people to help them to leave… my legs they were colapsadas. Busquè with my hands and sentì! Tenìa my legs” This man not only fuè I complete in leaving alive the Twin Towers.

Saliò walking, without a single broken bone (only the cut right knee of side to side) but whole. Fuè declared by President Bush like National Hèroe. “Lleguè to include/understand that there is somebody is màs that I: God Now I include/understand that èl usò to help me all this people. God uses angels and I believe that I fuì the angel that èl utilizò to save from all these children his who by the access doors to the emergencia launching slips left that place” “To find God and knowledge that utilizò, gives me rules and the freedom to glorify to him.

God is like rìo in which he is urgent to give a bath us” THE POWER OF THE ORATION “The 11 of September brought a spiritual metamorphosis that illuminates corazò to me and the mind. Now sè that when one, in oraciòn, requests to God something for others, the things leave.” GOD WAS VERY OCCUPIED THAT MORNING People ask themselves: .

And where was God that morning? “God well was occupied abriendo doors to save from its children allì inside, God was in the streets and the houses putting obstàculos so that other thousands did not arrive early at the towers, and so that other thousands not even left house that morning”

(God was preparing to all these children his, to be alive testimony than that dìa habìa done by them) TESTIMONY OF LIFE, COUNTED IN GUATEMALA William Rodrìguez travels by the world offering conferences to enterprise level. In this occasion it visits Guatemala, invited by Continental the GyT Bank to participate in the Forum of Lìderes organized by the bank. This benefit màs that one motivaciòn of leadership, is the testimony that a man dà of having been in the hand of God, being moved from place to place, where habìa a son of ready God to leave.

William Rodriguez

William Rodriguez interview, CNN, 13:33, 9/11
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The article seems to be

The article seems to be entirely about the life-saving actions Rodriguez performed that day but, as far as I can tell, doesn't say anything contrary to the "official story". Nothing about the basement bombs before the planes hit, for example. I also watched an interview with him in Spanish on, I guess, Spanish television ( http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6262968156557300010 ) that was the same -- all good deeds, no "911 truth." (As far as I could tell anyway -- my Spanish isn't that great.)

I don't know if that means they edit him, only ask him what they want, or what. But it would be nice to see more Spanish "truth".

Fred W

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