Our Leaders HAVE Prevented More Terrorism (They Haven't Authorized Any New False Flag Attacks)


At the Convention last night, I watched the McCain campaign make 9/11 the centerpiece of their platform. The argument, of course, is that America has not suffered another terrorist attack since 9/11 because of strong Republican leadership.

Let's put aside the fact that the anthrax attacks occured just a couple of weeks later (and were an inside job).

Let's put aside the fact that America hasn't suffered any more terrorist attacks simply because the boys haven't authorized any more false flag attacks (yes, they do deserve credit for that!)

And let's put aside the fact that the Iraq war was launched based on an intentional false linkage with 9/11.

Let's just focus on whether the Republican White House and their democratic and republican co-conspirators in Congress have made us any safer. The answer is clearly no:

  • While the 9-11 Commission made numerous recommendations on how to prevent future terrorist attacks -- many of them simple and inexpensive to implement -- the Bush administration has failed to do so (and see this). Moreover, the White House has actively blocked efforts to do so

Given that the White House and their republican and democratic co-conspirators in Congress have made America significantly less safe in their handling of 9/11 (oh yeah, that was a false flag attack also) , it is good that they are making 9/11 the centerpiece of the campaign. It gives us the opportunity to point out how unsafe the government has really made us.

Exactly. : ) I say this

Exactly. : )

I say this all the time to people, and most just give me a funny look . . .


last night McLame also inferred that we'd only be safe from Big Bad Russia if we had the mighty republican party around to defend us. this maps neatly with putin's indictment against the US last week; i.e. a false flag designed to manipulate voters.