Physics Dept. Seminar on 9/10/2008 by Dr. Steven Jones at Utah Valley University

Dear friends and colleagues,

I have been invited to give a presentation at the Physics Dept. seminar of Utah Valley University on 10 Sept 2008, 4 pm, room PS-202. You are invited to participate. Here is the title and abstract:

9/11/2001: Forbidden Questions, Explosive Answers
By Dr. Steven E. Jones
Seminar at Utah Valley University, Physics Department
10 Sept. 2008, 4:00 pm, room PS-202

Why did three (not two) skyscrapers fall to the ground on 9/11 at near free-fall rates, killing thousands? Why were numerous bone fragments found on a roof-top 600 feet away? Why did the National Inst. of Standards and Technology, charged by Congress to explain the collapses, concede to us, "…we are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse"[1]? Why did NIST refuse to look for residues from explosives? (We, however, did so using state-of-the-art methods and I will report results.) What is the significance of red/gray chips found in the 9/11 dust? What is super-thermite? Who are the whistleblowers and what do they have to say? Why were there no air defenses on 9/11?

For those who prefer a more "technical" abstract, here you go: Scrutinizing dust samples collected shortly after the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001, I observed numerous red-orange chips in the dust. Many of these chips showed a gray layer on one side and a red layer on the other side. We applied optical microscope, scanning-electron-microscope (SEM) and x-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (XEDS) methods to analyze these unusual "red/gray" chips. The chemical composition will be discussed. A flame test showed high reactivity of the chips with ejection of hot material; this and other tests differentiated the behavior of the red chips from that of paint samples. We consider some implications of these findings.

[Reading assignment: [1], especially the two refereed papers in mainstream journals linked in the opening paragraph.]
(end of submitted abstract)

Comments solicited on -- what Questions should I address? I will talk about the NIST report on WTC 7, but with very limited time...

Very Cool

Hope another young honest mind or two joins the team.

In response: Why were there no air defenses on 9/11?

Can everyone here imagine if the Pentagon were an aircraft carrier. That would never happen. It should never happen.


How does asymmetrical damage result in symmetrical failure with no more resistance than air would give?


how do you garner public support for a war for oil? i think everyone's past the "no WMD's" ... and most folks realize we're not "spreading democracy" in the middle east . so let's call it what it is. once the objectives are defined, the motives are identified, and the pay off is realized... then connecting the dots becomes a simple task. what gets me is how many young people intuitively know this... it's the 40, 50, 60-somethings who can't get their heads around it... but once the conversation is placed in the proper context, it's easy.

It could have been called

"Operation Free Them from their oil".

Of course, most of us would not have supported a war for this reason, and we would have been asking hard questions about the seeming snails pace with which Alternative Energies were being pushed, and that is exactly why they needed to deceive us.

There is only one oil man I have seen who seems like he is trying to do the right thing and that is T. Boone Pickens. Of course, I wonder why these things were not brought up before 911 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems Cheney's "they will greet us as liberators" didn't turn out the way he said it would.

Good luck

Prof. Jones!

Excellent points, thank you.

What I'm finding difficult at this time is trying to teach the basics while at the same time responding to NIST and Pop. Mechanics (has to be brief) -- and giving new 'physics data', since this is a Physics Dept. colloquium...

What demonstration can I do?

Does anyone have access to "super-thermite matches", used to ignite some fireworks? (I understand)

I would like to have a live demo of some sort... Could do thermite, easily, but the main issue now is Super-Thermite, and I don't know where to buy the stuff (grin).

Perhaps a look at red-gray chips live, through a microscope... projected somehow. I have photomicrographs... would like to show live if possible... Not many know about these.

NIST's Shyam Sundar basically ignored my question about the red/gray chips at a recent press conf -- glossed over that. I'll try to show that clip, also the one where they struggled to answer my question about the fall-time of WTC - 7 (where they assumed constant SPEED, contrary to observations)...

Anyway, I'll do my best... So much to cover... How to organize for a largely-student audience?

On this point -- where is the BEST 9/11 FORUM for discussion these days? I really would like your ideas on this...
(Maybe it's right here!)

professor jones

i reference your work as the centerpiece of any of my activism efforts (which largely consist of casual conversation with "regular people" here in NYC). i frame your research as forensic evidence; e,g,, the type of evidence that could be used to convict in a court of law. people have great respect for science applied in this context; hence the success of television programs such as CSI. perhaps emphasizing this link might make your case more convincing to skeptics?

also, i have to say: you bring gifts to the truth movement that are beyond hard work, long hours, expertise, and dedication... your gentle manner and your character make you compelling, convincing, and very real to most people. maybe it's that midwest affectation, the "ned flanderisms" :) but when i saw you speak recently (on you paused to make note to the audience that they should stock up on food/water supplies because you cared about them... about us... well, i was moved to tears. it showed a level of compassion and realness - a perspective on why this research and activism is so important. if you could connect these two ideas in your presentation i think it would quite easily win over the minds of your audience... and of course, the evidence you present speaks for itself.

thank you doctor jones.


Does anyone have access to "super-thermite matches", used to ignite some fireworks? (I understand)

I would like to have a live demo of some sort... Could do thermite, easily, but the main issue now is Super-Thermite, and I don't know where to buy the stuff (grin).


Steven, maybe you should adress this, but encourage others to ask for theirselves the institutes where one can get nano-thermate and supply. I suppose Kevins work on these institutes in his latest work is a good start with as an overview.

Technolgy Transfer Superthermite Matches

Laura Barber
Technology Transfer Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory
P.O. Box 1663, MailStop C334
(505) 667-9266

Superthermite Matches

The matches we know won an award at Los Alamos in 2004 . Dr. Son , et al has filed a patent for this technology in January 2008.

See Patent Application # 20080011398. You should contact Dr. Son, who did teach at BYU in 1989. he may be able to provide samples for testing. here is his contact information.

Steven F. Son

Associate Professor,
School of Mechanical Engineering
B.S., M.S.: Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University, 1989
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, 1993
Phone: (765)494-8208
E-Mail: or

I assume he would know about the commercial availability of these matches.

The inventors of this technology:
Naud, Darren (Los Alamos, NM, US)
Son, Steven F. (Los Alamos, NM, US)
Hiskey, Michael A. (Los Alamos, NM, US)
Busse, James R. (Los Alamos, NM, US)
Asay, Blaine W. (Los Alamos, NM, US)

independent verification

We have two hypothisis; controlled demolition and thermal expansion. Complete collapse due to controlled demolition can be independently verified and reproduced. Complete collapse due to termal expansion can not be, correct? Can that not be used to throw the NIST hypothesis in the waste basket until it can be proven correct?

I remember watching a Richard Gage

demonstration with blocks representing the towers & taking away a top column & showing how it doesn't make sense that the whole blocks underneath would fall into itself.

I would think something simple like this would be very effective.

You could even try &have 47 columns in the core, if you wanted to have you're model be more complicated.

Scaled model Experiments?


1- Have you conducted scaled experiments with the unignited red chips?
2- Have you created a scaled model for demolition using nanothermite?
3- Have you created an sol gel for scaled experimentation?

I ask because I am curious if the theory of demolition set forth by Kevin Ryan has been tested--that is--painted on nanoaluminum with an ignition from remotely operated superthermite matches as we discussed in 2006?

It would be interesting to actually test the feasiblility of this theory. I know the chemical signiture is in the dust, but if you plan to respond to NIST by September 15, 2008, perhaps a scaled test may provide an interesting result.

Note: I found it interesting that NIST did not understand how thermite could cut sideways. In their presentation they seemed to have trouble understanding that concept--a concept we amply proved two years ago with data more than a half decade old.