French Comedian Questions 9/11 on Live Radio Show

French comedian Jean-Marie Bigard dismissed the official 9/11 myth on a French radio show Europe 1's On va s’gêner on september 5th 2008:

(Transcripts after jump)

The story was reported by French 9/11 Truth activists at then by the radio show itself.

Translated snippets of what Bigard said:

Jean-Marie Bigard : Ben Laden has been dead for ages [...] Not sure if you've already watched Loose Change. It accessible via the Internet. We are absolutely certain now that both planes didn't supposedly crash in the forest and at the Pentagon don't exist. There never were planes, both planes still fly today, it's an absolutely enormous lie, and it's probable that we'll investigate it more and more (actually there's a French guy who put the word out, who wrote a book, L’Effroyable Imposture) and we are seriously thinking that neither Al-Qaida nor no Ben Laden was responsible for the incidents of 11th September.

Jean-Marie Bigard : It's very very likely that the American official version does not correspond to reality. They refuse totally to show... Why don't they show the CCTV footage, it's in their best interest to show us a plane hitting into the Pentagon! No, put simply, it's an American missile that hit the Pentagon. So they provoked it themselves, they killed Americans. We learn the truth always 30 years after, but here we know it now. It's mind-bending!
Jean-Marie Bigard : You're all agreeing that it's a controlled demolition, the towers of WTC? All the specialists in the world agree on this.

This is a surprising coming-out for Bigard since he is a close friend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy - a NWO lapdog and probably no stranger to false flag operations since one of his flagship career events, the primary school hostage incident of 1993, was probably a false flag operation which propelled him into French politics.