Cynthia McKinney Speech At Fighting Bob Fest Baraboo, WI

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers

Cynthia McKinney spoke at the Fighting Bob Fest in Baraboo, WI on Saturday, Sept. 6th 2008. In her speech she mentions 9/11 Truth as part of her platform running as the Green Party presidential candidate. I put part of her speech on Youtube, and a great part it was. She also visited the Wisconsin Green Party Booth and our own Wisconsin Coalition For 9/11 Truth Booth (9/11 Truth groups from Milwaukee, Racine & Madison, WI) which you can see near the end of the 6 minute Youtube. Cynthia McKinney is the only presidential candidate speaking for the truth about 9/11 and speaking truth to power. She's a couragous woman who follows in the footsteps of Fighting Bob Lafollett which this political festival honors. Enjoy !

Take Care Matt