ZERO: An Investigation Into 9/11 broadcast On Croatian National TV

Croatian National TV (HRT) broadcast yesterday, 7.8.2008, one of the more recent 9/11 movies: ZERO:An Investigation Into 9/11. I was puzzled, surprised and a bit proud, because I still haven't heard of any other national TV broadcasting this, or any other, 9/11 movie. IMHO, this is a huge leap forward for the 9/11 Truth in our little, insignificant part of the world.

Just a few months back, George Walker Bush came to our country and the ruling party made a pre-planned (invitations only) reception for him and his gang (Condi Rice and others).

And let me tell you - it was disgusting. But, yesterday made it all good again. Spread the word about it. We are a small and insignificant country, but this is a huge leap forward for the 9/11 Truth. Talk to your friends, spread the news, and tell them that one tiny country and its national TV broadcasted one of the movies which deals with what really happened on 9/11/01.

But, don't be fooled. The ruling party in our country (HDZ) is so far up George Walker Bush's youknowwhat, that I am still puzzled how this movie got through. But that doesn't matter anymore. The movie was broadcast, seen by many people and it has told the truth about 9/11 and what we still, to this day, don't know about 9/11.

great news

Do you have a link?


i capped it, but it's in mpeg and it's like 6 gigs or something. will try reencoding it and uploading it somewhere.
btw, the translation was a bit weak, to say the least. a few larger mistakes, a few misinterpretations etc.
try here just for the info:

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Also on Australian TV this week

ZERO will also be broadcast on Australian TV (History Channel) this Sept. 11th.

Russia! Croatia, Australia!

In theaters all through Italy, in theaters in England, In theaters scattered around the US!

I love what is happening with ZERO.

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The beginning of the end

Russ Hallberg
This is the beginning of the end of false flag imperialism. Many US citizens are in denial. It will take the voices of the people of the rest of the planet, telling the US citizens the emperor has no clothes. When the people outside the US unite in 911 Truth, then the US will be forced to capitulate. Thank you, Croatia!