Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Development on NIST, WTC7 and 9/11 Truth

Perhaps we should invite David Scott, chairman of CTBUH, to a live open debate. He says he has examined the truth movement's claims and finds in our movement "no credibility whatsoever."

"I believe that the NIST report is a responsible attempt to find the cause of the failure, however there are many questions that are not answered in any detail and several of these questions are already on the discussion forum. I think that with a responsible dialog and debate that the NIST report can be much better and clearer than it is in the current form.

"However, that being said, I would like to be clear that I see no credibilty whatsoever in the 911 truth movement and I believe, like the vast majority of tall building professionals, that all the failures at the WTC ( WTC 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7) were a direct or indirect result of the planes that were flown into the two towers. I have carefully looked at the evidence that the 911 truth movement presents and I cannot see any evidence of a controlled demolition. Unfortunately the 911truth movement web site does not allow any opinions contrary to their own, or I would have presented my views.

David Scott - CTBUH Chairman"

Such definitive, bold statements on Scott's part warrant a backing up with actual facts, yet he presented none.

Direct or Indiret ?

....... I am lost here. He is praising NIST, yet NIST claims WTC#7"s collapse was caused by fire only.
I would love to see Scott debate Gage on this.

He doesn't seem to have anything on this:

"The NIST analysis pg 353, shows that shear studs and the bolts holding the primary to Col 79 failed before the temperature of the steel reached 200degC.

These temperatures are very low compared to a fire protection test that assumes that steel loses strength at 550degC."

Or on this:

"2) How do we account for the pools of molten metal at all 3 sites of destruction, when office fires can't possibly get hot enough to cause that?"

All he says is: "I dont know, but what hypothesis is being proposed?"