Significant New Information Details CIA Criminal Culpability In Allowing The 9/11 Attacks!

Based on what I know, this sounds legitimate. - Jon


Last update: 3:18 p.m. EDT Sept. 8, 2008

WASHINGTON, Sept 08, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Palo Alto Publishing will hold a press conference on September 11, 2008, at 9 AM at the National Press Club at 529 14th St. NW, Washington D.C., to detail new information revealed since the release of the 9/11 Commission Report. Entirely sourced from government reports, court documents, and the account of FBI Agent Ali Soufan, this analysis, never before fully detailed, shows that CIA officers, working through liaisons at FBI Headquarters, had repeatedly and criminally obstructed investigations that could have prevented the attacks on 9/11.

This book details the numerous times the CIA interacted with the FBI. In particular, the times lead FBI Cole investigator, Ali Soufan, made several official requests to the CIA: one through FBI Director Freeh, asking for any information the CIA had on an al Qaeda meeting in Kuala Lumpur and on Khallad Bin Attash, (at that time thought to be mastermind on the Cole bombing).

Despite the fact that the CIA did indeed have this information, they either denied its existence or refused to respond to Soufan's requests. The CIA withheld material information from an ongoing FBI investigation, which was a crime, and not due to the fact that "the CIA did not talk to the FBI", as suggested by the 9/11 Commission report.

In July 2001, emails between high-level CIA managers and CIA officers, entered into evidence in the Moussaoui trial, indicated that Mihdhar was going to take part in the next big al Qaeda attack. When these CIA officers requested permission to transfer this information to the FBI, they were denied. Yet, at almost the same time, CIA Director Tenet was holding meetings at the White House describing a huge al Qaeda attack about to take place inside of the US.

On August 22, 2001, when the CIA discovered that both Mihdhar and Hazmi were in the US, the CIA knew they were here to take part in a huge al Qaeda attack. Yet, the CIA, working with FBI IOS agents at FBI HQ, sabotaged the last chance FBI Cole investigators would have to investigate Mihdhar and prevent the attacks on 9/11. The CIA concealed the photograph of Khallad taken at Kuala Lumpur that connected Mihdhar to the planning of the Cole bombing. FBI HQ agents also concealed the fact that they had received the NSA release from the NSA caveats the very day they told the FBI Cole investigators they were forbidden from investigating Mihdhar, due to NSA caveats. FBI HQ agents then fabricated a NSLU ruling, and told the FBI Cole investigators that the NSLU had ruled they were not allowed to be part of any investigation for Mihdhar when in fact the NSLU attorneys had ruled just the opposite, and stated to FBI IG investigators that the Cole investigators could have been part of the investigation for Mihdhar, since t
he NSA information had no FISA component. [9/11 Commission report, Footnote 81, p 581]

This new information shows that almost 3000 innocent people in the US paid, with their lives, for the actions at the CIA and FBI HQ, actions that should have been uncovered by the 9/11 Commission, using the very same new information, easily obtainable with their subpoena powers.

This criminal activity was carried out by individuals at the CIA Bin Laden unit, the CIA Yemen station, high level managers at the CIA, who prevented the transfer of information regarding the Kuala Lumpur meeting to the FBI investigators, the FBI Bin laden unit, the FBI RFU and even by the Director of the FBI.

All of this new information is detailed in "Prior Knowledge of 9/11" at by Robert Schopmeyer, owner of an EDA software company in Silicon Valley.


does MarketWatch run all of PRNewswire's press releases, or is this something unusual?


Don't have a clue. It came up in a google news search, and I don't ordinarily post press releases, but again, based on what I know, this sounds legitimate.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

my source tells me...

My source tells me, that they are simply the messenger and run releases from PRN and BizWire. they simply run everything.

*he is no longer with the company, but doesn't see any reason for there have been changes to this since he left and hasn't heard of any changes in that regard from former colleagues.

Limited hang-out?

"On February 14, 2001, I stood in front of these buildings to see if I could possible envision them continuing to stand after sustaining collisions from large commercial aircraft.

>>>I quickly concluded they would in almost all certainly collapse.<<<

Both the open floor plan combined with the estimated 100,000 pounds of aviation fuel in each plane was going to cause these structures to collapse."

Robert Schopmeyer/
Author Prior Knowledge of 9/11

This has to be some kind of "limited hang-out" or a distraction from the undeniable physical evidence of demolition, this guy is RIDICULOUS.

Re Limited hang-out?

I am quite sure that a lot of people watching the towers burn thought they might collapse.
Because nearly all the material evidence was destroyed it will be very hard to prove demolition.

but not all evidence was destroyed

Occam's Razor
"one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything"

"looks like duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck"

Harley-Davidson guy?

>I am quite sure that a lot of people watching the towers burn thought they might collapse.

Sure, just like the "Harley-Davidson" guy:


>Because nearly all the material evidence was destroyed it will be very hard to prove demolition.

Any engineering scientist worth a dime can prove demolition simply with the "collapse" videos as evidence, nothing more is needed.

For example, consider the schoarly work of Charles M. Beck:

Get bent!

This is one of those things that makes you go


This is very...

very intriguing... Should be interesting!!

Mark in Philly

Fishing out the facts

CIA and FBI talk to each other or not? Yes-and no. Low level agents in the dark--higher ups in the know---

"It appears that this first Malaysia meetings cable was provided to the FBI.This January 5 threat update reflected an almost verbatim recitation of portions of the CIA's first Malaysia meetings cable, including the same spelling mistake in reference to a particular place in Malaysia, which indicates that the CIA provided a copy of the first Malaysia meetings cable to the FBI. However; we were not able to determine who in the FBI received this information from the CIA or who edited the January 5 threat update."

"James wrote these e-mails in response to an e-mail from another CIA employee who was detailed to the FBI SIOC. That employee reported on the morning of January 6 that he had been asked by an FBI employee for the latest on Mihdhar. James responded in a series of e-mails that he had already briefed the FBI. The final e-mail by James sets forth the details of his briefings."

"As previously mentioned, James told the CIA OIG that he had no recollection of these events. He declined to be interviewed by us."

This seems to confirm that an FBI person, asked for this information. Anyone know who the CIA person referenced to as James really is?
------ -------------- ----------- ----------

"HAMBURG, Germany _ Nearly two years before the Sept. 11 hijackings, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency began persistent efforts to recruit as an informer a Syrian-born Hamburg businessman with links to al-Qaida and the key hijackers, the Chicago Tribune has learned."

"The CIA's attempts to enlist Mamoun Darkazanli were initiated in late >--1999<--, at a time when three of the four Hamburg students who would later pilot the hijacked planes were first learning of the hijacking plot at an al-Qaida training camp in Afghanistan."

Darkazanli, 44, has acknowledged knowing the three pilots, Mohamed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah, with whom he attended the same radical Hamburg mosque, Al Quds, and shared several common friends in this city's sizable but insular Muslim community......

"But the disclosure that the CIA was seeking to turn Darkazanli into a spy during the time the initial hijacking plans were being laid represents the earliest and deepest set of U.S. intelligence footprints outside the hijackers' window."

"According to a source with firsthand knowledge of the events, the CIA representative told his local counterparts that his agency believed Darkazanli -->had knowledge of an unspecified terrorist plot and could be "turned" against his al-Qaida comrades.<---
"He said, `Darkazanli knows a lot,' " the source recalled."

"Darkazanli's name had first surfaced the year before in the U.S. investigation of al-Qaida's 1998 bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people and injured thousands. "

"Darkazanli's name first surfaced publicly two weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, when the "Mamoun Darkazanli Import-Export Company" appeared on the Bush administration's initial list of individuals and organizations suspected of involvement in terrorism."

"The company is evidently defunct. No incorporation records for the company are on file at the Hamburg courthouse, and sources said it had not done enough business over the years to support Darkazanli and his wife."

Meet CIA informant Mamoun Darkazanli
CIA knew of M Atta since 1999
"Mamoun Darkazanli is today a free man"

CIA and FBI talk to each other or not? Yes-and no. Low level age

The so called wall between the agencies is a myth. There was a New York unit called I-49 squad. It was FBI and CIA and on target Bin Laden.

PS: James is an interesting person. In fact he was the one who duped the FBI by withholding the surnames of the malaysian meeting attendees and by giving the false impression the FBI was already briefed. That's typicially mis-information spread by intelligence.


The press release seems to indicate he got Soufan to talk on the record. If that's true, it would certainly be very interesting to see what he says. Otherwise, Schopmeyer has a very strong handle on this aspect of what went on, and I'll definitely be buying it.

Me three...

Late December 1999: FBI Exposes Errors in CIA Reporting on Millennium Plots, Finds Key Evidence CIA Ignored

Spring-Summer 2000: NSA Intercepts Communications between Hijacker in US and Al-Qaeda

Late October-Late November 2000: Confession Leads FBI to Cole Mastermind

November-December 2000: Key Suspect in Cole Bombing Identified

November 11, 2000: Cole Investigators Find Link to Embassy Bombings

Late November 2000: FBI Formally Asks CIA about Al-Qaeda Leader and Possible Meeting in Southeast Asia, but Gets No Answer

November 22-December 16, 2000: Yemen Provides Photos of Al-Qaeda Leader to Cole Investigators, Bombing Linked to Al-Qaeda

Early December 2000: Confession Brings FBI Close to Learning about Hijackers Coming to US, but CIA Withholds Key Information Again

February 1, 2001: Cole Investigators Interview Source over Identification of Al-Qaeda Leader, CIA Conceals Key Information Leading to Two 9/11 Hijackers

April 2001: Cole Investigator Again Asks for Malaysia Information, CIA Again Reveals Nothing

Mid-May 2001: CIA Withholds Photo of Al-Qaeda Leader from FBI

July 2001: CIA Rejects Third FBI Request for Malaysia Summit Information

August 22, 2001: FBI Team Returns to Yemen to Investigate Cole Bombing

September 12-Late September, 2001: FBI Agent Disgusted about Information CIA Hid from Him that Could Have Stopped 9/11 Attacks

May 4, 2008: All USS Cole Bombing Suspects in Yemen Remain Free

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?



Soufan knew

immediately after 9/11 when he was told the surnames of the malaysian meeting attendees that he and John O'Neill were right on track with their investigations and that they were sabotaged.