2008 Now Or Never - NYC - Event Schedule

Wednesday 9/10/08

Street Action

Washington Square Park (3pm – 5pm)

Union Square (5pm – 7pm)

Movie Premier Event (7pm – 11pm)

Fabled Enemies Movie Premier


51 Astor Place

NY, NY 10003

Copper Union

Buy Tickets at the door.

Thursday 9/11/08

Peaceful Ground Zero Vigil (7am – 4pm)

Ground Zero

*There will be marches and speeches after 12 noon at Ground Zero, if you can please bring candles in respect for all the lives lost because of 9/11.

Judson Church (5pm- 11pm)

Memorial Vigil for 9/11

55 Washington Sq S
New York, NY 10012

Buy tickets at the door

Friday 9/12/08

Main Event (1pm – Late)

The Madison

27 W 24th St
New York, NY 10010

Cross Street:

Between 6th Avenue and Broadway


1; F, V; R, W at 23rd St

Street Action Afterwards March to Time Square

Saturday 9/13/08

Street Actions All Day

Ground Zero Path Train Station Entrance

1pm- 5pm

Union Square

6pm- 9pm

Sunday 9/14/08

(2pm -5pm)

Relaxing Meet and Greet/BBQ at Central Park

Columbus Circle and 59th Street

*We will be inside the park just outside the main entrance.

Keep checking the WeAreCHANGE.org main site where will have live video feeds going on through out all actions and events.

We apologize for the change of venues, but we were screwed over with prior venues that cared more about money and not the lives of our 9/11 heroes and broke our agreements.