9/11 Was So Easy, A Caveman Could Do It!

Thanks for this video. As good as the parody video on WTC7

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

for many years I am looking for a means to open the eyes of my family, friends and colleagues to 911 truth. This type of video could be the means.
Thanks for this video.

It reminds me of the excellent parody video on WTC7.




PS just had a thought. How about having a parody on the 911 truther who is 911 ill.
For exemple a 911 truth who calls for help from George Monbiot

to save them from this virus 911 which destroys lheir lives. creates divorces, family splits ect just because we have understood that the American president lies on everything including 911.

On the people like Marion Cotillard, Jean-Marie Bigard we feel so sorry that they have had the world against them ( well the world of the press!)

Learn the lesson if you are film star, actor ... for your good health do not pass over the yellow line otherwise you will suffer the press against you.

I would like a parody which tells me that I am not ill, mentally retarded, manipulated , needing a sexy story of 911, looking for savior to liberate me from my fears etc ...

The people against us are right, we are workers who have difficulties to earn our living and we have other things to do in live than doing the job of the FBI!

George Monbiot please hep us because we have a prollem sleeping each nigh thinking of all the dead 3000 + ??? thousands of Afghans + ??? irakiens + ???? thousands of 911 respondeurs . + all the others . A repsonsability hard to carry. How can we the workers understant all that when the best educatued people of this planet are making so many mistakes !

Help or give us the four day working week so that we can as citizen have a day to investigated the misdeeds of 911.

and we will change will try do a better job than the FBI

Yours John