AE911Truth WTC 7 Evidence Cards

Our brand new WTC 7 Evidence Card is now available!
The perfect compliment to our Twin Towers Evidence Card.
(this new card replaces the '11 Remarkable Facts About 9/11' card)

(see below the fold for large graphic)

Thank you all for your much-appreciated support.

Wow!...I like it... WTC 7 !!

WTC 7 is a real eyeopener for introducing people! Hats off to you AE911Truth folks!! Ya'll are bringing about significant change throughout the world. is rocking & rolling!!

I just received an email this morning from someone up in New York who was telling me how he took it upon himself to email a few dozen architects in his neighborhood. Love hearing how people take action on their own initiative to help AE911Truth expand.

It was TOTALLY & ENTIRELY Betsy's idea, on her own volition, TO FLY A BANNER up the Jersey coast to New York City on September 11th with WWW.AE911TRUTH.ORG waving through the skies for all to see. I can't wait to see photos or video. What a great example of taking the initiative and responsibility as an individual!! It shows what one person can do.

Richard Gage - Media

Saturday March 8, 2008

Peter B Collins asks Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, why seemingly intelligent people take the official 9/11 myth hook, line and sinker.

Great job on the evidence

Great job on the evidence cards. Excellent summary and the key points are covered well.