The Plane Truth Project, REDUX - New York City


The last aerial plane banner this year (that I'm involved in) will be flown tomorrow, Thursday, September 11, 2008 in the NYC area.

Map Route: See

I've requested that the earlier portion of the flight route be changed to fly over a more populated area, thanks to some suggestions here on 911Blogger, but I haven't heard back yet . . . Also, with McSane and Obama in NYC tomorrow, I'm wondering if there will be any complications . . .

The banner copy will read:


If anyone is able to film the plane and its banner, please post it or let me know, if possible.



What a great example of what one person can do !!!!

What a great example of taking the initiative and responsibility as an individual!! It shows what one person can do. Betsy has flown so many banners in the northeast, plus she has put on movie events and film showings and has been out on the streets! She is the epitome of a 9/11 Truther! I wish we could clone her.

I am very excited about the banner saying !! It was ENTIRELY Betsy's idea, on her own origination, to fly a banner with WWW.AE911TRUTH.ORG waving through the skies for all to see. This gives tremendous exposure for "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth". I know Gage is tickled-to-all-get-out about Betsy coming up with the idea of putting that website on the banner.

Betsy, Thanks for all you do from all of us out here!!

Thanks Betsy!!!

This sounds awesome. I hope we get some film of it. Regardless things look good.

Tribute (compliments of Jon Gold):


All our efforts are breaking down resistance to the TRUTH.

I sincerely thank you Betsy. The Plane Truth Project continues!

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