NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign Announces Milestone!

A picture is worth a thousand words! In this case, 30,000 signatures (and growing) shows that on the
7th anniversary of 9/11, a significant number of NYC voters aren't satisfied with the
official explanation of 9/11 nor the government-sponsored investigation!
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There are 30 volumes containing 1,000 signatures each!

(Sept. 9, 2008 - New York, NY) Some said it couldn't be done. However, others here in NYC knew different. They knew that with the right attitude, the right effort, all that mattered was doing whatever work was required to establish the foundation for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative. This public referendum is the most substantial, well-structured effort to date that can result in a subpoena-powered, fact-driven, comprehensive investigation of the most momentous event of our time.

Now, 30,000 petition signatures, the minimum requirement to submit a ballot initiative to NY City Council has been reached. From here we will work to double and triple our numbers. We will widen our base and build even greater momentum. We will create a demand for passage of the Initiative that will be undeniable. This is completely available to us because there is now official confirmation from the City Clerk's office that all existing signed petitions will be valid for the mayoral election in 2009. It should also be noted that with substantial numbers and support showing there is a serious mandate from the voters, it is actually possible that NY City Council can be moved to introduce and pass the Initiative on their own. This is the necessary strategy which organizers and petitioners here in NYC have every intention of pursuing.

Another vital piece of information has come to light. Back in the spring doubts were raised about the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative because it was said that the Mayor could block it, making all our efforts null and void. Many people here and around the country were disheartened, saying there would be no way Mayor Bloomberg would allow the Initiative to get on the ballot. They argued we were doomed and it would be futile to try. However, there was a core group of stalwart and stubborn activists who were not deterred. We always knew this wouldn't be an easy task, but led by our vision for an authentic investigation we pushed ahead anyway. There were other challenges as well, yet we always knew that if effort was applied, anything could happen. We could actually succeed.

Now, through communication with the City Clerk and upon reading the detail of the law we have learned that the Mayor cannot kill the Initiative. If he wanted to complicate things, he would have to go through the trouble of setting up a Charter Commission. This Commission would have to hold public hearings. Then if this Commission succeeds in placing it's Initiative on the ballot, our Initiative would be rescheduled to the following year's election. In summary, the Mayor would have to go through a complicated process which can be rebutted by the public and would bring much scrutiny on his actions. You can be sure that many 9/11 families will not be pleased. This action would attract an immense amount of negative baggage. If his Charter Commission succeeded in introducing their own Initiative, our Initiative would still be valid and be placed on the ballot one year later. As Senator Mike Gravel recently told me, sometimes things require a longer term approach but since they're worthwhile, you have to adopt a high-level perspective which will get you to the place that's desired. He should know. He has been working on the National Initiative for 20 years!

At a meeting of our petitioning/management group on Wed. Sept. 3rd, Senator Gravel joined us by speaker phone. He said the following:

"Solidify the numbers in 2009. It's vital to get enough signatures. This will get you credibility and visibility. Get people to anticipate and want it. There are people who share your view. I applaud everyone who worked to bring it about.This is truly the most significant effort going on. I can't encourage you enough to continue your efforts." I asked him to comment on his recent statement saying that the Initiative is the most effective way to hold Bush and Cheney to task. He answered, "More than they are involved. We are committed to pursue justice, knowledge, and truth, wherever that leads us." He offered to continue helping in every way he can.

Then we were joined by Ed Asner on speakerphone. He was absolutely elated by the results that have been achieved here. He said, "I'm proud to be identified with you. Proud to support you. I celebrate all you have achieved. Then he went onto say,"You're not over the top yet because of fear that occupies every soul. If you have no fear at this time, you must be lobotimized! Yours is a sensational achievement. I'm really impressed." We thanked him for his willingness to be involved with the Initiative to which he replied, "You're the one's doing the work. I'm just spreading my name around. My love to you all." We invited him to NYC and promised to have a huge party which will hopefully hasten his arrival.

Furthermore, 25-year veteran NY Times journalist Philip Shenon lectured at the NY Law Bar Association on Thurs. Sept. 4th on his best-seller titled "The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation". I gave him press materials on the Ballot Initiative. As it turns out, he had already heard of it and clearly appeared impressed. This could lead to any number of positive developments. After all, every page of his book is filled with evidence on why a new investigation is warranted.

We know that the federal or even local government is unlikely to call for a true investigation of 9/11, however, through the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative, the voters of NY City can. This may be the only opportunity to obtain truth and justice for the victims of 9/11. People of conscience around the world are awaiting the outcome.

Now more than ever, what's needed is public support. Anyone who knows voters in NY City can direct them to the site where they can download the petition and volunteer. Also, funding is needed for hiring professional petitioners, paying for literature, banners, educational DVDs, and advertising. We ask all to donate a minimum of $25, the cost of an average meal for two, which can be done on the web site at Urge others to help so that we can break through the wall of resistance to the truth of 9/11.

Together, we can correct history, gain the truth of 9/11 and secure justice for the victims including first responders. This will go a long way towards restoring Constitutional freedoms and creating a political system which complies with law and works to fulfill the principles of democracy. We can then re-chart our collective future towards a vision consistent with the kind of society that our children deserve, can live and thrive in.

Les Jamieson
National Coordinator
NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

The NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign is a citizen-based effort to call attention to the fact that the U.S. government did not conduct a thorough investigation of 9/11. Through the creation of a public referendum, the most basic of democratic processes, the voters of NYC can now use their power of the petition to place a ballot initiative on the general election of 2009. This Initiative is designed to enable voters to create a new, independent, impartial Commission to conduct a thorough, fact-driven investigation of the most momentous event of our time.

Visit for further details.

Before you comment! Please read!

Jamieson has advised me that he and Luke are communicating about the charges posted on this WAC page;

and re-posted as comments here;

So let's let them work this out between them, and not in the comments area here.

However, I know that several people have serious issues with the Initiative as a whole.

I would like to invite everyone who has observations and criticisms for Jamieson and the initiative to post them here. Jamieson has a new 911blogger account, and will hopefully respond.

Try to be as objective as you can, and avoid insults and ad hominem attacks. Thanks.

distractions vs truth

Thanks Rep for attempting to keep this to the issue..

This update by Les is extremely hopeful for those wanting a real investigation. I know many of us grew up in a world with desires for instant gratification, so the downside of the ballot initiative is that it will take some time.. to November 2009 for a vote, and if successful, and not delayed by other forces for a year, then we could have a focus on an investigation that follows the evidence.

Still, this 7-year anniversary must remind us that exposing a critical false flag operation, even if their methods defy natural laws of physics, take a long time to awaken a critical mass of people. The up-side of the ballot initiative is that it supports the critical mass awakening where it can make the most difference, in NYC, where we have the most evidence of government-media foul play, and the most harmed people deserving justice and human rights.

I updated with this important information, September 11, 2008 - Truth or Corruption * Peltier-Obama * Oil. The key for truthers to be most effective is to find areas where we most all agree, and support all campaigns for truth and to be vigilant especially for those Neocon forces betraying what unites the right and the left, the US Constitution. This potential referendum vote is perhaps the most effective ways to reclaim a lost USA democracy, and nearly destroyed Republic. For more resources, see this updated page on Bush and 9/11 Investigative Reports, looking into the unanswered questions.


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NYC Commission Member Suggestions

-Laurie Van Auken
-Bob McAlvaine
-Steve Jones
-Richard Gage
-Kevin Ryan
-David Ray Griffin
-Mike Gravel
-Cynthia McKinney
-Jesse Ventura
-Bob Bowman
-Ray McGovern


Sander Hicks
Peter Dale Scott
Daniel Hopsicker

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--


those working to get 30,000 signatures are thinking not just of research advocates, but independent individuals who can stand for truth over corruption and power.

their list so far is a good one..

to win the vote..

we can connect each campaign to support the other..
come on impeachers.. now is not the time to quit on democracy..


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NYC 9/11 Ballot commissioner Edgar Mitchell

I support the idea of a new investigation and I want it to be successful.

To this end, I hope that the list of commissioners will be open to critique and debate. We cannot afford "weak links" in the chain.

I recently wrote an open letter about the subject of disinformation in the 9/11 truth movement, and I wrote:

"In my humble opinion, the issue of disinformation and disruption is of critical importance to the success of the 9/11 truth movement. In fact, as I have argued, the official story of 9/11 itself is disinformation; a deliberate attempt to mislead the public about the truth about 9/11... It is true that the corporate sponsored media will ridicule the 9/11 truth movement regardless of what it promotes. However, this does not therefore mean that we should give them as much ammunition as possible to discredit by association the real questions and contradictions of the 9/11 "official story". This is a disservice to the family members who wanted their real questions answered in the first place. As explained by Thomas Pynchon, “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.” I believe that the 9/11 truth movement has to be aware of how it can be discredited instead of simply taking a passive approach to dealing with the issue of disinformation and misinformation. Otherwise, we are playing right into the hands of those who wish to discredit the 9/11 truth movement itself. This issue is not simply limited to the problem of “controversial theories”. Ad hominem attacks and disruption are an equally important issue. Should members of 9/11 truth movement demand accountability from its leaders when they engage in destructive behavior and promote damaging information or speculation? I think the answer is clear: we cannot afford not to."

Arabesque, An Open Letter about the Subject of Disinformation and Disruption within the 9/11 Truth Movement

So with this in mind, I would like to remind members of the group organizing the commission that Edgar Mitchell openly advocates UFO's and is a board member of an organization run by Alfred Webre.

NYC 9/11 Ballot commissioner Edgar Mitchell has direct ties to Alfred Webre

Alfred Webre has been prominently featured promoting some of the worst information that we have seen in the 9/11 truth movement (like Judy Wood, as one example), along with promoting many credibility challenged and even ridiculous claims about UFO's and aliens.

Again, I support the idea of a new 9/11 investigation and I hope that it can be approached with impeccable standards and credibility. The family members deserve no less.
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

nit picking

many people have a different perspective than yours regarding Edgar Mitchell. The best part of having a group of individuals and a process for decisions, is that the group dynamic with such a mission will proceed with a focus on an investigation at hand; and focus on the scrutiny or judgments of those on a blog commenting on choices made by the organization doing the work. Though your expressing your opinion is appreciated, and what is behind it.. People have individual areas of being open or close. You seem close to a possibility of UFOs. My web site has information under breaking news: Credible Witness UFO/ET Testimony. But we are not on a blog discussing the possible reality of UFO's.

However, at this hour, rather than supporting a focus toward other controversial issues, the most helpful idea is in supporting what already was supported by 30,000 petitioners calling for an investigation based on evidence. I think self-examining is good, but at some point we must proceed forwards, and put more focus on our common points of agreement to focus on what happened 9/11/01, and what can be done about it..

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Fair critique should never be "out of bounds".

If the best you can say is that my opinion is "nit picking" without giving a substantive reason why Mitchell should be included on the list of commissioners, I think this is quite telling. I think that the idea that the 9/11 truth movement should not be critical (i.e. "nit picking") plays right into the hands of the people who would like to portray the 9/11 truth movement as not being critical (i.e. "faith based") or concerned with "truth". Fair critique should never be "out of bounds".

Mitchell has been saying the same things about UFO's and aliens for 10 years now.

"Much to my surprise, this site contains an entire and intact news story from The People newspaper of London, dated October 25th, 1998, entitled "Yes, Aliens Really Are Out There, Says the Man on the Moon." In an "exclusive interview from his Florida Home," Dr. Mitchell at that time told reporter John Earls an almost identical story to the one he told Margerrison this week."

"You seem close to a possibility of UFOs."

My belief about this is irrelevant. However, I think that there is an obvious disinformation campaign going on with UFOs. There is a lot of deliberate nonsense being promoted, which has some parallels with 9/11 (no planes, DEW). I don't really have an informed opinion on this subject, and nor do I have a wish to debate it. This is a 9/11 forum. What is relevant is that Mitchell has been advocating something for 10 years, and it has never been proven. Does this make him a credible representative for an investigation into the 9/11 attacks?

"Conspiracy theorists" and "faith based" is exactly how the 9/11 movement is desired to be portrayed by people who don't want the truth to come out.

There is an interesting parallel with 9/11 here. The perpetrators of 9/11 are only too happy to have us speculating about 9/11 10 years from now, when we have enough evidence to put people in jail right now. So if you have the hard facts, and you want to focus on what you don't know, then it is clear what will happen--nothing. This concept is basically the "get out of jail free card" for the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. The purpose of a new 9/11 investigation would be to unearth and establish key facts that are being deliberately withheld and of course, to get justice based on this evidence.
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog


nitpicking was a poor choice of words..

of course positive critique is welcome..

especially on this blog..

i guess i was trying to keep going forwards with the group that already had established a commission and a mandate with 30,000 signees, on 3 pages to empower the commission. this campaign is really a nyc event.. and if you are a petitioner in this city, i would recommend getting involved. but from my point of view living outside nyc.. my hopes is that a national 9/11 truth movement would value and support this initiative to help win a yes vote.. so definitely your concern as an individual is noted. no group of commissioners would be approved by everyone. but will this commission do an honorable job in investigating and reporting on their investigation by following the evidence, not the cover-up?

i have been doing meetups in northampton, mass, we work hard but have difficulty moving past the choir.. Most know now of the fraud regarding fake explanations for 3-wtc free fall collapses.. and most believe there is not a thing we can do about it.. but in a concentrated venue in nyc with a voter approved referendum vote, many witnesses will step forward and give the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth..

thanks much for your reply and ideas.. i may get defensive sometimes, since i get attacked for my conclusions on what is not true about september 11, as well as my openness regarding ufo phenomenon or a moon-landing-hoax.
Nevertheless, i have compiled one of the most extensive archives on 9/11 since before and after that day of betrayal..

Bush and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions