9/11 for beginners...

A quick guide to the most obvious oddities regarding September 11, 2001.
by Måns Ekman

Ask yourself if it sounds plausible that:

  • A 417 meters tall and 63,5 meters wide building - built from 500.000 tons of steel and concrete gets pulverized with tremendous explosive force - symmetric straight down - takes the path of most resistance - through its own steel and concrete structure - in 10 seconds? Without any explosives planted? (Image to the right)
  • Another building of the same size does exactly the same thing, half an hour later?
  • A third building - 226 meters high with 47 stories - collapses perfectly symmetric to the ground in 6,5 seconds? Without any pre-planted explosives in it? (WTC 7)
  • Four commercial passenger airliners manages to navigate freely in American airspace without any interference from perhaps the most sophisticated air defense system in the world? (Norad)
  • Nineteen Islamic fundamentalists manages to overtake four commercial airliners - only equipped with boxcutters?
  • All of this was directed by a man in a cave - on the other side of the world? (Osama bin Laden)
  • He is not officially wanted by the FBI?
  • A Boeing 757 manages to navigate just a couple of meters above the lawn - and crash into perhaps the most heavily protected building in the entire world - without leaving any marks on in the grass - any traces of the fuselage, seats, luggage, wings or human bodies? (Pentagon)
  • Another Boeing crashes to the ground in Shanksville, Pensylvania - just leaving a tiny hole in the ground. Without any pictures of the plane?

    The answers to these questions are of course: NO!

    Despite this - the official explanation of 9/11 clearly states these ottities.
    So, who are we to believe? Our own common sense or the official conspiracy theory?

    Think for yourself - Ask questions - Demand answers