Announcing the Co-Operative Assembly

The internet has seen threaded discussions, blogs, email, and even wikipedias. Well, it's going to see another one.

Since the "4th House" has basically been hijacked, America's 1st amendment rights are no longer being exercised, and it's like living in two Americas.

It's time, like when this country began, to take the 4th House back. This is the Co-Operative Assembly, and it is a structure for the creation of a 911 site like none we presently have. It is a self-governing system, as comprised of 3 branches of checks and balances, strong identification for all members in their processing of material, random selection of who performs what task, and all pointed at checks against the rise of power in the system. A combination of public records along with the information one's Assembly produces, is designed to gain trust in the public eye, and to rise to gain the trust of more reputable societal institutions, to be endorsed for use for research purposes. Yes, this thing can fly right up the flagpole! That's the kind of trust I think people should be able to have, based upon the kinds of promises they are willing to make to the public, in their information processing.

This is 3 times the work of a no-checks wikipedia (to maintain), so people have to do that much more work to maintain and produce information that the public can come to trust.

My name is Mark G. Meyers, and I have performed systems-level projects in the field, involving hardware and software, such as new designs for new technologies, for OEM and custom applications. My personal interests have also tended towards philosophy, psychology and sociology, and so this project has been a real hit with me!

Check it out here: (just now going public)
Co-Operative Assembly Blog Page
Co-Operative Assembly Discussions Page

I would love to hear back from some truthers - you're my biggest inspiration!
Cheers -
Mark G. Meyers
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