The Debate: 9/11: Physical Evidence *well, not really*

Good to get airtime, good Mr Keefer and Mr MacQueen stood up for truth and logic, good it's available on the net.......bad they call it a physical evidence debate and not have any physicists or engineers on as guests.... I mean, c'mon!!!!! I guess Richard Gage and other architects and engineers didn't want to be on the show.... they're so hard to get a hold of when it comes to appearing on tv.....*end sarcasm*


The Debate: 9/11: Physical Evidence

The physics of 9/11: why do the rumours live on? 9/11 Truthers, the laws of probability ... and the laws of science.

Jefferson Flanders is a professor of Journalism at New York University. Visit

Michael Keefer is a professor of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph. Visit his faculty web page.

Graeme MacQueen is a retired professor of Religious Studies at McMaster University.

John Ray is a blogger for Conspiracies R Not Us.

show forum

the show conducted a poll during airtime and the results were mentioned at the end of the show....over 70% of viewers were aware of the gov involvement..... now the minority are flooding the show forums and spouting out the same gibberish they heard on tv for the past 7 years.... let 'em have it 911bloggers!

It was the airplanes

and they didn't build good buildings in the 60's.


It's the John Ray's of the

It's the John Ray's of the world that we need to reach. These "intellectuals" enjoy getting lost in minutia, convenient speculation and fail to acknowledge real-world physics and see the bigger picture. It was annoying to listen to this guy and soft-ball questions he was given. He represents the truest form of those who are righteously self-ignorant. He is, in short, an obnoxious nerd who loves to be in the right and whose intellectual growth has been stunted by lack of common sense and emotional disconnect.

Anyone else not like this host?

I thought he was a condescending prick when he had Barry Zwicker on several months back.

*Update: just watching...he seems to be a fair bit better this time.

Makes my skin crawl

Makes my skin crawl listening to the two cover up representatives just knowing that they know the truth about the slaughter of so many innocent people. It makes one realize that there are some real lowlifes out there and they're our neighbors.

Mr Keefer and Mr MacQueen walked into a shooting gallery.

The CIA came loaded for bear.

The two 'journalists' had every single line from the official story to the letter and didn't have even a single question about the official conspiracy theory. The NY fellow was blinking constantly (a primary characteristic of lying). Both were absolutely unflinching and unfriendly.

They flawlessly hit all of the key OCT apologist points:

- they were offended about suggestions that their children's friend's parents were not killed as the OCT says

-shaking their heads when MacQueen and Keefer were speaking

- saying 'my friend Michael is wrong'

They were intimidating and (too) aggressive. Incredible.

The show's host was so clearly part of the setup with his UFO survey results comparison, and 'won't make a comment about what that says about our show's viewers' (when he saw 72% said MIHOP in his survey), and then announcing future shows about 'what makes a conspiratorial mindset', and 'how we mourn, and move on'.

The show was a total setup. Brutal, slick and psychopathic.

good post.

This is good exposure for the movement.

Check out that viewer survey.

Our Canadian friends know the truth.

Host=average / Truthers = excellent

The host was just average, which is all we'll ever get from mainstream media. But Keefer and MacQueen had great responses. As discouraging as it is to watch the OCT spewed shamelessly, it is encouraging to watch our argumentation getting stronger and their's getting weaker. Even the host noticed the OCTers avoiding important questions. And let's give a little credit to the producers of "The Agenda," they picked two really good people to explain the alternative theories. It seems that the OCTers are starting to look like the "crazies" and the alternative theorists more rational. We want to see more of that.