"inside job" T-Shirts Wildly Popular at Ground Zero This 9/11

Over the past few years one of my hobbies has been making t-shirts that say "9/11 was an inside job" and selling them publicly on Manhattan. At last years anniversary the remaining stock from the summer was given away, approximately 24. This year there was not enough time to sell them on the street so I made a bunch more and gave them away on the anniversary, the results were interesting.

We started handing out shirts after we found some other locals to hang out with and a conversation about OKC had started with a very well dressed passerby. There was no public gathering area like in years past, just fenced in sidewalks, a bit chaotic. So my co-conspirator John F & I started handing out 'inside job' t-shirts at 12:22, by 12:35 all 66 shirts had been handed out.

This year the demographics of the people asking for them was different. It was not the activist type, lets say. The people that stopped and asked for t-shirts were mostly women and mostly of color. It seemed like local lunch hour traffic with the some tourists thrown in. There was a variety beyond that of course.

The amazing thing was how quickly all the shirts were taken. Demand was definitely greater than supply. Once the line started it did not stop until the stock was gone. If everyone that would wear this shirt was given one, we would really see '9/11 was an inside' everyday, everywhere.

At about 12:30 a foreign news channel interviewed me while John finished handing out the shirts. http://www.russiatoday.com/news/news/30330
At the time I estimated 10 minutes to hand out all the t-shirts. My bag full was gone before 10 minutes had ellasped, John's bag took a bit over. So for this write-up I increased the estimated time to 13 minutes just to be within a safer margin of error.

If anyone is interested in becoming a distributor for these unbranded 'inside job shirts, make a request using the contact page on my website:

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