E-mail to Steve Capus (NBC News President) from a reader of WhatReallyHappened.com

This is an interesting e-mail from a reader at WhatReallyHappened.com. It is worth reading and perhaps we can have an e-mail campaign with NBC informing them of the FACTS.


READER: Hello Michael,

I wrote Olbermann a note last night and also sent it to the addresses you provided. Check out what the emperor of NBC wrote back. Must of struck a raw nerve.........

Best Regards,


Austin, TX

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Yeah - It's Called a False Flag Operation.

Surely, you've heard about that.


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You honestly believe the United States and Israel carried out the September 11th attacks?


Steve Capus

NBC News President


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Thanks for your powerful words.

I have been with you for a long time.

For me, it was US w/the State of Israel that did 9-11.

They framed the Muslims so we could attack and kill.

Our Nation has been hijacked. We are passengers too.

I prayed for the dead of 9-11 yesterday and I also prayed for the people of the nations we're attacking as I write.

I don't know what it's going to take to put our America back on track, but I promise that I will do all I can and pray for God's help.



Austin, TX.

WRH: Okay folks, here is an email link for the President of NBC news (mailto:steve.capus@nbcuni.com) . Write in and ask him the following questions. 1. Why did BBC announce the collapse of WTC-7 while the building was still standing? Who told them (and Rudy Giuliani) that the building would collapse when no steel framed building had ever collapsed from fire before or since? 2. With a supposedly unknown number of planes flying over the country crashing into buildings, with President Bush's presence at Booker School announced in the media three days in advance, and an airport only 4 miles away, how did the Secret Service know it was safe to leave President Bush where he sat reading about pet goats? 3. Why did WTC-7's collapse look exactly like a controlled demolition? 4. President Bush has claimed twice that he saw the first impact on TV while waiting to go into that classroom at Booker Elementary. How would that be possible unless he had a closed circuit feed, since a video tape of that first impact was not broadcast until the following day, and would not such a video link prove foreknowledge of the event? 5. Why (according to Fox News) is the US Government classifying evience that links Mossad agents to 9-11?