German 2007 bombing-plans carried out by the CIA?

9/11 for the USA or 7/7 for the UK are probably the most known false-flag operations at the moment. Little people know that false-flag operations are going on all over the world blaiming the muslim society. In Germany, this is probably the "Sauerland Bombers"-Event, that was "luckily" prevented by some authorities.

The official story tells that a group of islamic terrorists tried to carry out a mass-murder event in Germany just like 9/11. For this, they are said to have produced dozends of bombs for blowing up several major german cities, mainly to target US citizens. According to Johannes Schmalzl, director of Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (you could also call it "homeland security" because that's exactly its purpose), the mastermind behind these terrible planings is Yehia Yousif. All of this story has been reinforced by the german mass media at the beginning of the months with a lot of headlines - and an "official" trial against the caught islamic terrorists is about to begin.

Now, the last week offered new insights in this attack. Here are just two things to think about:
1. Between 1996 and 2002, Yehia Yousif himself was an employee at, guess what, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The same federal office is now also under attack for letting Yousif disappear right before the planned bombings.
2. Where did these "terrorists" get their explosives? Well, these were handed over back in August 2007 by a 15-year old courier, a small child abused as middleman. Now, we know who handed over these explosives to the boy: An agent of the US-intelligence service CIA.

Should be screaming headlines, shouldn't it? Well, unfortunantly they are not.

Babel Fish translation

By Gerd Elendt, Martin Knobbe and Rainer Nübel A Palatinate contact man of the American secret service CIA was involved after information from

safety circuits when planning of the presumed largest Islamist terrorist attack on German ground. He is to have handed 20 Sprengzünder over. It

was a hot day in August yearly, when the 15-jährige Alaeddine T met. from Braunschweig in a mosque in Istanbul a large, passed, sporty man, who

called himself Obeida. , Then it told tags on it the boy of late officials of the Federal Criminal Investigation Office, Obeida to it a bag with jeans and a

few shoes handed over to carry forward with the request, it to Germany. On 26 August Alaeddine handed., like it was been called, the bag to T over in

a mosque in Braunschweig. The young man, who took her there against, was a good week later in the whole world well-known: Fritz Gelowicz, 29

years old, a Konvertit from Ulm. Together with its fellow believers Adem Yilmaz, 29, and Daniel cutter, 22, he had planned presumed attacks

onAmerican and Uzbek mechanisms in all of Germany. In the shoes from Turkey 20 Sprengzünder were hidden. Bag obviously of CIA Kontaktmann

hand over The man, who had handed the bag over into Istanbul, was obviously a contact man of the American secret service CIA and originates

from the Pfalz, as from safety circuits experienced. Mevlüt K., a 29-jähriger Turk from Ludwigshafen, is German investigators as " Obeida,

the Türke" already since 1997 admits. It belonged to the radical Islamic group " Imam Einheit" on, Tawhid is to have acted with wrong passports and

to have collected donations for the armed Jihad for the terrorist organization Al. It was also suspected explosive for an attack to Saudi Arabia to have

supplied. In August 2002 Mevlüt K was arrested. on the airport by Ankara and sat until November 2003 in detention. Probably it was enlisted in this

time of the CIA and was now " on the so called; Sauerland Gruppe" around Fritz Gelowicz set. Announcement & lt;; More to the topic " Sauerland" -

Assassins: Attacks on large cities planned " Sauerland" - Assassins: Accusation against sour land assassins Video: Attacks prevents Past week

had submitted the Federal Prosecutor's Office its 259 sides thick indictment against Gelowicz, Yilmaz and cutters. After realizations of the

investigators wanted " Sauerland Gruppe" Barracks, pubs or Discotheken in German large cities into air blow up. In addition the young Muslims had

purchased twelve barrels hydrogen peroxide, which would have had an explosive yield of 410 kilograms TNT in a mixture with flour after

computations of the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations consultants. In the goal: Barracks or pubs Altogether the group had procured itself 26

fuzes. Six originated from Bulgarian and Serbian production. The 20 fuzes, which were handed over into Istanbul, were Czech origin. How they

arrived at the contact man of the CIA, does not seem to be clarified yet. There are references that the Sprengzünder originated from Syria. In addition,

there are traces, which lead into Lebanon, possibly to a former transition camp of Palestinians, which was bombarded later. Technicians of the

Federal Criminal Investigation Office had examined some the fuze more exactly and wrote in their appraisal, which admits is: " In the result

two that were altogether 17 tested fuze funktionsfähig." The others would not have ignited, since they had been too damp.

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