9/11/2008 Truther Beach Protest (San Diego, CA)

Besides a bunch of Marines showing up on the beach next to our beach tent (See video below), the locals and tourists were quite receptive. We gave away a couple hundred DVDs and had many interesting and constructive conversations.


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Merci. There can be no rest while the criminels can do a 911 bis

Herblay FRANCE

merci because there can not be a day when we do not our duty to the 911 truth. This photo is a very good reminder.

This summer holiday as for the last four ou five years, before going to the invitation dinners, I was warned that I could only go as long as I did not speak about 911. The family hate and are fed up with what I am doing for 911 truth. Howerver I still managed in my own way to be able to bring up the subject.

Their should be no rest for us all, while George Bush and his cronies are not put before a court for their high treason. It is too dangerous for the world to have these people in an executive position.

As someone has already said on 911blogger, if everyone in the world who believes that 911 was an inside job, left his computer and went outside on the street to claim this aloud, tomorrow the cirminels would be behind bars and the 911 truth movement could take a well deserved holiday.

Act now !



Very pretty.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?