Change Ohio Finds Themselves In a Lebanon Twilight Zone

Discovered this little gem late last night. My apologies to We Are Change Ohio if you were planning on posting this here and I beat you to it, but I couldn't resist. I loves me some Twilight Zone and the woman in this clip reminds me of some of the buffoons in the Crawford section of Alex Jones' Terrorstorm. Enjoy...

This is just classic! Would

This is just classic!

Would be a fun piece to open a 9/11 movie with.

Thanks, We Are Change Ohio, and Lullaby Academy for posting!

American Extremists

I met a woman like this just the other day while I was walking around the Bay. She didn’t know Saddam Hussein’s name or Osama bin Laden’s but she hated them all the same. She didn’t know Bush had said Saddam “had nothing to do with 9/11″ and she swore up and down it was Iran that had something to do with it as well, though she couldn’t tell me what. She hated Iran and when I asked asked her who held candlelight vigils with one million people in their capitol for us after 9/11 and who was the first country to help us go after the Taliban, she answered “Israel?”. When I asked her who was videoing the towers on Sept. 11th on a van across the river, caught dancing around as the planes struck them, she paused…she had heard that story.

She condemned Russia for invading Georgia and she thought 9/11 was mostly Bill Clinton’s fault. She was an avid Fox News watcher. She stated that Americans don’t become terrorists and when asked about Oklahoma City, Olympic Park, and the anthrax attacks she insisted those weren’t terrorist’s acts. When I asked her why, she proudly proclaimed “Because Americans did it.”. She said “we don’t kill innocent people. That’s evil”.

So I asked her about Hiroshima and Nagasaki; I asked her about the American Indians and East Timor; I asked her about firebombing Japan. She said “yes I know…but we don’t do that anymore“. I asked her about Israel and she couldn’t name the people that they are in conflict with or why, but that they are terrorists that “hate Jews” and anything Israel does is for good.

Fervent blind nationalists and faith-based zealots will never listen, will never learn anything more than that which they want to learn. If it doesn’t compliment their world-view, they don’t want to see it.

They are blind as an act of will, ignorant by choice, and angry at those who do not wish to share their self imposed limitations. These are the American Extremists and the poorer they get, the more dangerous they become. And we are all about to get real poor real soon.

"we are all about to get real poor real soon"

Willy, can you say more about this? What exactly do you think is going to happen and when?

Hi Sheila

I kind of come from the Scott ritter/Naomi Klein school of thought (though they both avoid 9/11truth topics like the plauge)... I believe that this entire thing has been to set up a Chilean Chicago School economy here in America and that the GWOT is just part of that process. I know they will invade Iran, as that, like Ritter says, they already have begun attacking them with clandestine operations and by funding terrorists inside Iran.
They have to attack and control Iran for their hegemony of the Middle East to work. Iran is the key. Either Israel will attack and we will have to defend, or another false flag action will take place. Ritter thinks that this will be delayed because of the Georgia fiasco, but I don't think so. The problem with his logic is that Cheney orchistrated Georgia through his people meeting with them prior to the Georgia invasion attempt of South Ossetia. I think Ossetia posed a problem being so close to a major pipeline of "ours" and so Cheney wanted a reason for a troop buildup in the area BEFORE things break out with Iran.
Look, Rove has already hinted that "something major" may tip the scale in McCain's favor... that wasn't Georgia. I think they have every intention of invading Iran before the election. We are flying recon over Iran photographing potential targets almost daily now.
When we attack Iran, gas prices will go thru the roof. Inflation will jump unlike anything any of us living have seen. And in that "disaster" the opportunity to pass all of these privatization laws that the Chicago School Economic Plan needs will be pushed through. Anyway, that is my guess. people know that the Bush/Cheney administration is trying to tie up loose ends before the elections... this, I think is one of them. It's Iran or bust. And that is Bust for us.
Sorry to drone, on, but it's not a simple answer. That's what I would bet on anyway.

thanks Willy for expanding on that...

I'm not sure about the Iran thing... like Webster Tarpley says, seems like the Brezenski contingent has won out over the neocons and they are going after Russia instead. Not that war with Russia couldn't also make us very poor, especially since it could go nuclear.

Whether McInsane or Obummer wins, neither will be good for us, as both are emissaries from the NWO.

and of course...

the news about the special trading session held today to try and propup Lehman Brothers is very very bad news...

Classic performance...

...of the monologue that goes on in the heads of far too many Americans, unfortunately.

David Ray Griffin talked about the "Nationalist Faith" --

-- It's both Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal. It's the mental keystone of white Americans, I would argue. It's the air they breath in the mainstream media and even a in good slice of the alternative media. We need to understand Nationalist Faith as best we can.

More media on this subject - Nationalist Faith

I just added the angry lady video to my September 11, 2008 archive (she reminds me of my elementary school teachers in Central Texas. It was during the Vietnam War and we were told that the peace sign was "a broken cross" and that flowers were a sign of "communism".)

Footprint of the American Chicken

peace sign was "a broken cross"

There are a whole lot of totally brainwashed people like her around. I work with one.

Thanks, Adam

Excellent video. Thanks for sharing it here.