Newsmagazine "Hintergrund" launched in Germany

"Hintergrund" is being sold at newsstands in Germany since September 5, 2008

The 68-page newsmagazine will be published every 3 months. It features authors who are covering international events and their ramifications on current politics, interviews with MP Yukihisa Fujita from Japan and Peter Dale Scott as well as a translation of an article from Michel Chossudovsky titled "The CIA and Al Qaida" Author Jürgen Elsässer covers the terror events in Madrid, London and in Germany. Another in depth article proves the numerous inconsistencies in the official 9/11 report.

The price of the magazin is 4.40 Euro


BabelFish Translation

For the 7th anniversary of the attacks 11-Septembers the Second Channel of German Television - in CO production with the British BBC - solved that allegedly „last mysteries “11-Septembers. [i] As this mystery the collapse of the WTC 7. the World Trade Center 7 - a 47-stöckiges, 174 meters high building - is considered collapsed to seven hours to the twin towers. A new fact in history: A steel multistoried building had collapsed never before due to fires. In particular the way of the collapse, the rapid speed and symmetry, put the suspicion close that on or other way one helped here. Also the exclusivity of the tenants feeds conspiracy theories. The Ministry of Defense, the Secret service, the CIA, the revenue office IR and the supervision by the stock exchange committee authority SECONDS - they all had their offices in the house. In addition the building accommodated the New Yorker emergency operations center for disasters and terrorist attacks, the Emergency Office center (EOC), which had been removed to a shelter with ball-safe windows and own current and air supply and which " Office OF Emergency Management" (Oem) is subordinate. Ever more expert it are the conviction that the official version - which collapse of this building due to the fire damage - not to be correct can. However in the USA meanwhile more than 500 architects and engineers in the organization " themselves; Architects and Engineers for 911 truth" united, in order to find the truth out. [ii] The Second Channel of German Television editorship History wants exactly now production and " letzte" Mysteries decoded. Thereby to the straight briefly before published report national Institut is referred for standard and Technology (NIST). [iii] Afterwards the cause for the collapse is " new Phänomen": " Thermale Expansion". It produced by the heat of the fires an expansion of steel girders and would have led thereby for the first time in the history of such buildings to the fire-conditioned collapse. The fact that steel expands with heat is general well-known and naturally with the construction by buildings is considered. The soundness of the NIST thesis stands however here not on the test stand, but the question, how the Second Channel of German Television sold this thesis to the public. First once it is to be granted to the transmitter that substantial arguments are presented by supporters of a breakup theory. Instead of the usual stereotypes, those in connection with 9/11-Verschwörungs-Theorien to be used (Elvis lives!), it comes for a change of the arguments of both sides. This surely represents a large progress for the debate. Also conspiracy theoreticians become non how often usually - personally defames. But the apparent neutrality proves as partial in favor of the officially maintained new fact „of the Thermalen expansion “. Or rotated important facts, in critical places not following act and the background of important participants will withhold from the spectators become are not more near lit up. The wrong witness Thus the Second Channel of German Television let completely unmentioned contrary to the transmission of the BBC, why the interview „of the most important witness presented in the transmission is so explosive “, Barry Jennings: Jennings, a coworker of the urban housing management, reported therein that explosions in the WTC 7 took place, still before the twin towers collapsed. After official version however the straight falling down rubble caused the damage to building 7. But Jennings interview was carved up in such a way that its statement makes completely different sense. It reported first, when it was in the 5th stick of the WTC 7, of two explosions, second, after it reached the 8th stick. The Second Channel of German Television shows here the collapses of the south and north tower and assigns it thus to the events described by Jennings. Jennings however made clear in its statements, [iv] that the explosions before the collapse of the twin towers, experienced by him, zutrugen themselves. When the first tower collapsed, it had already free-fought itself the way to a window on the south side of the building. It hit it and drew the attention of firefighters to itself. They came, in order to save it, had however abruptly to break off and away-run - the first tower collapsed straight. When they before-dared themselves afterwards a second time to Jennings, they had to give again the salvage up, the second tower collapsed. Only with the third attempt its rescue folded. Now one does not have to take Jennings statement as proof for it, in the building explosive devices was placed. The possibility that the explosions had other causes or which it errs in their temporal operational sequence is not to exclude. The Second Channel of German Television however places Jennings statements on the head: A statement, which contradicts the official version, is by right cut in the film to their support. No shelter for all cases Also another aspect of Jennings statement throws a suspicious light on the procedures in the WTC 7. than it the emergency employment shelter (EOC) in the 23. Floor did not enter, was to its astonishment anybody locally. He got a call with the order to leave immediately the building. Is contentious, when exactly the EOC was vacated. One however is clear: Ever in former times the evacuation of the EOC took place, in former times can also the explosions experienced by Jennings be located. Richard Rotanz, Deputy Director „of the Office OF Emergency management “(oem) stated, the EOC center only completely after the attack on the Pentagon at 9.44 o'clock was evacuated. Also NIST indicates this time. [v] After this „time LINE “could only have found Jennings an empty EOC shortly before the collapse of the south tower at 9.59 o'clock. The explosions described by it let themselves link under these circumstances with the collapses of the twin Tower. But the closer investigation results in that the EOC was substantially in former times vacated. Already after the first airplane impact in the World Trade Center the evacuation of WTC 7. began left many humans spontaneously the building, but it was the Secret service, which took the immediate evacuation into the hand. [vi] With the impact of the second airplane the evacuation of WTC 7 the EOC was almost final, only in 23. Floor was still occupied. [vii] Although the EOC for the rescue mission was indispensable in the reason and served as the most important place for the coordination of the different authorities, it was vacated promptly - between 9.15 and 9.30 o'clock local time -, for a long time before the towers collapsed. [viii] Why was the center for the crisis management vacated exactly in the moment, where it was used at most? Interestingly enough the actual decision makers were placed before completed facts: When mayor Rudolph Giuliani arrived shortly after the second airplane impact before the WTC 7, it was already received on the road from policy Commissioner Bernie Kerik. Kerik had decided that it had been too dangerous, the mayor into the control center to up bring “. [ix] Instead a command post on the road was established, in the midst of all the panic and hecticness. Giuliani was not included into the decision to vacate the EOC as command posts in the WTC 7. Is interesting that Kerik tried to arouse later before the 9/11-Commission the impression, this decision is together with Giuliani pleases. [x] Also Fire Commissioner Van Essen looked for in vain for responsible persons in the WTC 7. instead he was stopped by a guard in the lobby and got the instruction to leave together with his staff the building. „This building was evacuated. Oem, the mayor, it went all “, got Van Essen to still hear and stated later that it imagined: „As ridiculously, there we could do 13 million an expensive control center and them not times to use. “[xi] But why the EOC was so promptly given up? The spatial proximity to the attacks does not seem plausible. OEM center in the WTC 7, developed to one „shelter the “, would have been safer, than any spontaneously established post on the road. Nobody could have known at this time, whether Al Qaida - like already 1993 - attacks not also with car bombs or other means, e.g. bio weapons. The shelter with its own air supply was exactly intended for such scenarios. A large-scale bio terror exercise named Tripod was planned for the following day in the WTC 7. In the morning 11-September should be held in addition in the EOC a discussion. Nobody could know at the time the evacuation that the threat would only take place on this day in form of collapsing Boeing. Also OEM boss Sheirer had not made the decision to vacate the EOC. According to 9/11-Commission report was only given the instruction to evacuation after an instruction by a Secret service agent, who referred to a further kidnapped airplane. [xii] If it remained in buildings for too risky were judged why then not also immediately the fire-brigade and other task forces the instruction became given to take off from the burning towers? Even the 9/11 Commission and NIST criticized the non--use of the EOC, without really going however to the thing on the reason. NIST balanced, the evacuation had one „to negative influence on effective measures on highest echelon of command. The loss of most diverse important personnel and the crisis centre disturbed seriously the emergency measures at the WTC. “[xiii] John farmer, former public prosecutor of new jersey, led the 9/11 Commissio


John farmer, former public prosecutor of new jersey, led the 9/11 Commission group of investigations for urban crisis reaction: „We tried to understand, what (OEM boss) made Sheirer real. We tried to find it out on the basis the video photographs. We cannot say it. All of the oem were on the way, practical with it the whole chain of command. Irgendwer of those should have been in the control center. “[xiv] Summarized: The Secret service arranged the immediate evacuation of the building and finally also the EOC. Its evacuation took place in former times, when in the ZDF-program stated. Exactly this circumstances support Jennings statement that the explosions in the building already took place before the collapse of the towers. Second Channel of German Television History does not however only represent Jennings statement completely wrongly. In order to have, become not to untangle the contradictions of the current NIST report even without farther ado all suspicious aspects of the evacuation of the EOC the public to withhold. Mark of Loizeaux - principal witness of the official version The partyness of the ZDF-program becomes clear also by their tendencious linguistic usage: E.G. „the doers found “from Loose CHANGE one „blowing up masters “„“. Daniel Jowenko, prominent expert in its area is meant in the Netherlands. Its entering for the blowing up thesis by the Second Channel of German Television one counters: „Not all outline professionals see nevertheless in such a way. “Defiance of the used Plurals is presented however only to one: Mark of Loizeaux, „expert like hardly second “and boss of the exempt private company control LED Demolition Inc. (CDI). On the web page of the CDI is to be read: „Control LED Demolition Incorporated (CDI) has the appropriate experience and expert's assessment, in order to be helpful the Ministry of Defense in outline projects of sensitive objects. (...) By the support of our international network (...) CDI can react fast to defense-referred inquiries. CDI has necessary permission and necessary internal control, in order to support government authorities when their investigations, which contain a collecting of kriminalistischen proofs. “[xv] Loizeaux does not let not only this proximity for US Government and the dependence on their orders, accompanying with it, appear as unabashed, neutral experts. The fact that Loizeauxs was helpful company to eliminate the rubble of the World Trade Center and concomitantly the proofs does not contribute to its reliability. Its Glaubhaftigkeit is shaken however completely, if one takes the statements made in the transmission under the magnifying glass. Thus Loizeaux led the fact as argument against a breakup into the field that the windows of the houses bordering on the building 7 were not destroyed. That is impossible according to Loizeaux with a breakup. But in the same breath it mentions the breakup of the Hudson building in Detroit, accomplished by its company, in October 1998. Exactly with this example Loizeaux tries to show, how complicates such a breakup is and what comprehensive preparation it requires in addition. Thus it wants to supply the argument against the blowing up thesis absolutely: How could such comprehensive preparations have unnoticed been accomplished in the WTC 7? Concealed Loizeaux however the fact that the complexity of the breakup of the Hudson building also the request was owed, to cause to the surrounding houses and their historical old windows no damage. This had also essentially folded and thus Loizeauxs company possible claims for damages had protected. Exactly the same it can be reread on the company-owned web page. Unfortunately Second Channel of German Television History did not make itself this trouble. [xvi] If Mark is Loizeaux able to blow up buildings to destroy without the windows of the surrounding houses, why it states then that broken windows are an absolute characteristic of breakups? Remarkably also Loizeauxs are statements to thermite (dt: Thermite). It holds it for impossible that one can split all columns at the same time with thermite. If it regards the contemporaneous disconnection of the steel columns as a condition of the collapse, how then coincidentally distributed fires are to have created somewhat, which placed purposefully employment of thermite not create cannot? Loizeaux states that there are no materials and technologies which are based on thermites, which are used for outline purposes. In the Second Channel of German Television the blowing up expert, it stresses must that finally know and all other statements is in „the Fantasieland “to be settled. Loizeaux deceives again the public also here: Patents for thermite-based separation loads were already submitted in the USA before 11-September 2001. In particular to its advantages was referred - they are quiet and produce no shock wave. [xvii] Thermites also already one developed further to the explosive variant, the so-called nano-thermite. Particularly spicy: Coworkers of the NIST were involved in the research and development of this modern explosive. [xviii] Its existence is simply denied by the responsible persons of the transmission. [xix] That was used possibly thermites - or a variant of it - for the outline, does not only seem to be a hypothesis here-gotten by conspiracy theoreticians, in order to explain the absence from explosion noises or broken windows to. Signatures let themselves actual find or „fingerprints “, as professor Steven Jones expresses it in the transmission, from thermite in the WTC dust. The Second Channel of German Television wipes the presence of thermite with the reference of the table, these arrears could the result of cutting torches be, which were used with clean-up operations. Contrary to the BBC Second Channel of German Television History suppresses however that Jones discovered thermite signatures also in dust samples, which were taken twenty minutes after the collapse of the towers - be enough before the cutting torch work. Loizeaux leads a further argument against a breakup into the field: It would leave clear traces, which were not found however in the case of the WTC. The cartridges, which it holds into the camera, are meant approx. 10 cm long, thin metal tubes. The fact that now in the midst of all the tons by debris the remnants such thin metal tubes should be found to thousands suggests the Second Channel of German Television with the formulation, which clearing up workers would have „each centimeter comb “. For the support of this daring theory genes Corley is here-quoted. Corley led the investigation by the FEMA (disaster control authority), which had the task to secure rubble of the WTC for the further investigation. Corley' s statement, it was looked for thereby purposefully after traces for a breakup, is a smooth lie. Neither clearing up workers or coworkers of the FEMA were stopped to search purposefully after remnants from cartridges to nor the construction units on explosive traces, secured for the investigation, were examined - like NIST grants. [xx] In an interview with „NO read radio “confirmed Shyam Sunder, which led the NIST investigation that it had not concerned one „kriminalistische “investigation. [xxi] Remarkably Loizeaux and Corley belonged to the few experts, who forecast the collapse of the towers. [xxii] Full entrance to disappeared proofs? The Second Channel of German Television deceives beyond that the public, if it says that the investigation team of the FEMA had entrance to the place of the happening immediately after the collapse of the buildings. Here one was probably the statements Corleys mounted, which already spoke the House OF Representatives before the Science Committee OF of it, its team „full entrance “had. [xxiii] The reality „the full entrance was limited “to some Sight Seeing routes, which in the period of 7 until 12 October 2001 took place - thus nearly one month after the attacks. [xxiv] To this „direct “time over 100.000 tons rubble had been already eliminated. [xxv] Of Ground zero only no less than seven stealing hurry for the further investigation became direct secured, but not by the responsible FEMA team, but by a group volunteer of the Structural Engineers Association OF New York. [xxvi] The remaining stealing hurry became on the scrap iron waste dumps secured, together with those by Ground zero altogether 156 pieces. The House OF Representatives came concerning the efforts of the FEMA toward a destroying judgement: In addition the investigation had no sufficient powers and was begun, important evidence was lost too late, members of the investigation had discretion obligations to sign. Documents like the blueprints of the buildings were e.g. withheld from them, they would not have had sufficient means, in order to examine, why the buildings collapsed. [xxvii] One can publish the results of this investigation in the 2002 FEMA WTC reports to reread. [xxv iii] Above all the report to WTC 7 has it in itself. So states FEMA therein that fires, if they had been even fed by thousands litre oil of the tanks have only one in the building „small probability “to be applicable as a cause for the collapse. [xxix] In the report is to be reread likewise, what New York Times called „the largest Mysterium “of the investigation: At a structural steel member from building 7 a phenomenon was discovered, which was observed never before with a fire: „Eutectic reactions caused a inter+granular [xxx] fusion, the solid steel girders in Swiss cheese transformed “. [xxxi]

Yukihisa Fujita on the Sunday Edition of the Alex Jones Show

Sunday March 30, 2008

Alex Jones interviews Japanese MP Yukihisa Fujita of the Democratic Party of Japan, a member of the House of Councillors in the Diet of Japan (national legislature), who questions the official 9/11 narrative/myth and the endless "war on terror." Mr Fujita may be the single most important person to step forward htis year and ask hard questions about the catalyzing event that changed the shape of world history.