RFK Jr. Needs Educatin' on 9/11

RFK Jr. interviews Philip Shenon, and reveals that he doesn't know diddly about 9/11, and is mired in the "conspiracy theories" pigeon-holing of 9/11 Truth. Shenon has apparently looked moderately at WTC7. The relevant segment begins at the 14:20 mark;

From RFK Jr. for President.com;

"Before anyone turns this into a flame war, keep this in mind: Kennedy openly admits in the above interview that he hasn’t taken the time to really look into the evidence. Maybe he should. So our readers who hope to convince Mr. Kennedy can be most helpful by pointing out where he can find the info he needs. Post external links to reputable sources and documents online, or better yet, print out a stack of documentation and mail it to him (that’s the stuff he’ll actually look at - he doesn’t have much time for websurfing). Or call him up on his radio show and ask him about specific 9/11 facts. Perhaps you’ll bump into him at a booksigning and have the chance to talk to him in person. Respectful disagreement is what America is all about, with an emphasis on respectful. At least that’s our motto here.

It’s a tough issue, this whole 9/11 “inside job” thing - one that divides my own family and even this blog’s own editorial staff argues amongst ourselves as to whether “the gubberment did it” or not. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Kennedys themselves are divided over what really happened on Sept. 11. What about RFK Jr.’s supporters? Where do you stand, and do you think Bobby is right or wrong? Let us know…"

This is not meant as a bad

This is not meant as a bad joke or anything, I'm just wondering if RFK jr ever had some substance spiked in his food or drink to mess up his voice like that, or if it's just the immense grief of losing both his father and uncle in horrific murders. Or if he was born with it I don't know. But it would make sense to the b*stard elite who don't like the Kennedys to try and neutralize this one's chance of becoming an inspirational well spoken leader to do that type of thing, without actually killing him. A bit like Victor Yushchenko’s face etc. Just wondering.

Spasmodic Dysphonia

Apparently it is a disorder. I had the same question myself when I first heard him speak so I googled it rather than giving in to paranoid speculation. It does sound like he is crying though doesn't it?

I wouldn't call it "paranoid

I wouldn't call it "paranoid speculation", I'd call it speculation based on the criminal assault certain powers have waged against the Kennedys. And the historical precedent of foul play, political poisoning etc. But yea it does sound like he's crying, so that's what made me think it could have been induced by intense grief or something, I don't know. If you look at his face though he looks emotionally relaxed in terms of facial expressions, so it's just a speech thing it seems. Poor guy, I like him though despite his poo-pooing of 9/11 truth.

Philip Shannon on the other hand is just a total status quo journalist who's doing something "daring" like looking at the blatant and uncontainable ridiculousness of the Commission Report, and declaring it all a cover-up of incompetence. That's status quo maintenance in my opinion, it's not really "risky truth telling" journalism at all. All that’s good from it I think is the spotlight on Zelikow.

CD, a missile...

And they would never. Phil's got it down pat. This comment is getting voted down, but I ask every person here. Is this movement the movement that thinks CD took place and a missile hit the Pentagon, or is it about more than that?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Worth a try, but good luck

Russ Hallberg Jr

Robert Kennedy Jr is well aware of what happened to his uncle and father. He knows the price of going to far. RFK Jr also exposed election engineering in 2004, while carefully avoiding the role of DREs and vote counting software.

Teddy Kennedy was also compromised when he was FRAMED for Chappaquiddick: http://www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/ToA/ToAchp3.html

Persuading RFK Jr is a worthwhile effort, but perhaps the best that may be expected would be an implicit recognition of 911 truth.

I think you are right

RFK Jr. has gone about as far as he's ever going to go, for obvious reasons. Shenon, on the other hand, needs to break out of his cocoon. He is spewing out interpretations that even govt. entities like NIST no longer endorse. Ultimately, he's stuck in the "I just cant' believe the govt. would....." mindset and dismisses further critical analysis because of that. I don't think there is any "evidence" we can provide that will change that. What we need to do with people like him is to emphasize that HIS conclusions defend the position of re-opening the 9/11 investigations and let him try to defend "not re-opening" them. He needs to see the contradictions in his own reasoning, not new evidence. He's seen the evidence, he's just not wearing the right glasses.

I think emphasizing "cover-up," rather than "complicity" is a better approach with these types. The danger with the "cover-up" approach is that they will say the govt. is covering up their incompetence, not complicity. I say, so be it. I have no problem going down the incompetence rabbit hole with these guys, because ultimately, if ever there is a new investigation, it will expose far more. There is more than enough "incompetence" to warrant re-opening the 9/11 investigations. So let's get on the same page with Shenon, et. al. regarding gross incompetence and then put it in their face as to why, based on their own understanding, they are not demanding a new investigation.

argues amongst ourselves as to whether “the gubberment did it”

"even this blog’s own editorial staff argues amongst ourselves as to whether “the gubberment did it” or not"

WHAT??? There are people working at 9/11 blogger who don't know if our government was involved in 9/11? That is inappropriate and just plain wrong.

They don't know if there was a stand-down order?
They haven't heard of Mineta's testimony?
They don't think there was a cover-up?
They don't question why Bush stayed so long at that school listening to a story about a goat?
They don't wonder why the steel from WTC was shipped out of the country so quickly?

Who are these people are why are they working at 9/11 blogger?


Do the words "From RFK Jr. for President.com" mean anything to you?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


The "quoted" text is from rfkforpresident.com

Click the frickin' link, please.

Phew, that's a relief

I thought they'd gotten to you. My mistake.

I'm sure the powers that be ARE trying to figure out how to control the truth movement and render it impotent, so I'm ever at the alert that those I trusted on Tuesday may have by Weds been made an offer they couldn't refuse.

But I did wonder who this mysterious "editorial staff" was.

Some humour to lighten the day.

Well I hope we are all relieved. :)

One question, why is it that it seems (at least to me) there are far far more people who are unrelated to the Kennedy's and yet are more concerned of the True Reasons and Culprits behind the various Kennedy deaths (all 3) than the Kennedy Family itself?

The Kennedys would not touch JFK's assasination with a cattle prod much less come clean on 911 Truth.

It seems to me any surviving Kennedy is leashed onto the Establishment willing to accept the deaths of their key prominent members without question and are dutifuly toeing the line.

I doubt they would ever come out for 911 Truth if they are not even willing to investigate the deaths of their own family members.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Robert should invite William Pepper on his show

It has been established in a court of law by a citizen jury that elements of the government killed MLK.


can't do

Unable to get that clip on the screen. Does it have something to do with that twittering thing in the upper left corner?