Jesse Ventura helps waken the people of Phoenix to the truth

Jesse Ventura after action Report, Video of Jesse's Talk on 9-11-2008, coming soon @

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Jesse Ventura is honest, tells it like it really is

and doesn't care who doesn't like it as he apparently can't be bought or blackmailed.

If we had more like him in political office we would have already had a real investigation of 911.

Jesse, take time off and

Jesse, take time off and enjoy the surf life with your family. Promise us at least a small concerted effort over the next year or two to keep in touch and visit and speak and support candidates for Liberty and American ideals. Research more about the global banking system and its interlocks with Foundations and Institutions. Figure out what sort of grip we need to get around these murdering elite's necks in order to pull them down to the mat. Perhaps you'll figure a way to grab a hold of them and bodyslam them to the mat. One thing for sure, in a year or two you'll certainly know the size and weight of all Americans standing right along with you, unlike the time as Governor when you were all alone. Also know this, you have a clear and apparent gravitate which is a bit rare to find amongst most of us, sort of like someone with excellent talent on a piano or for painting or etc.... Knowing that, you'd have to agree, letting a blessed talent go to waste is simply incorrect. An old Marine who served in WWII told me when I was much younger, "You may die today and you can either lay down peacefully in battle or you can take the last chance you'll ever have to stand up and give it your all." I know you have made that choice many times in your life and we all know the choice you have made. For that you have all the respect that is due to you and then some. You just need to understand that whatever it is that you are made of, without a spec of doubt, it reverberates amongst so many of us.
May peace, prosperity and liberty always be with you.


Looks like you have a great group in Arizona,

where are you based? Not in Chandler, I'm guessing.

Thanks for the videos and all the hard work.

Gov. Ventura ROCKS!!!

Love is a verb, brothers and sisters, let's get busier!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

We are based throughout the

We are based throughout the Phoenix area and surrounding cities, and also in Tuscon.
Actually, one of our most active members is from Chandler.