Russia state TV Channel One Discussion on 9/11 following "ZERO" broadcast (Russian)

YouTube links for Friday evening's historic telecast on Russia state TV Channel One have been posted, and the discussion following the telecast of "ZERO: Investigation into 9/11" begins halfway through Part 11 - anybody working on an English translation of this?

The full broadcast (including the film) can be found in 15 parts here:

Here are the discussion segments in need of English translation:

Part 11 (discussion begins in mid-clip)

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

I'd love to know what the Russians are saying

but unfortunately don't know the language.

Does anyone know if the audience was preselected for a particular political attitude?

Can it be...

... that there are no Russians on 911Blogger...?

Perhaps a russian writing American can send a SOS to site

Herblay FRANCE

I'm sure they understand English there...

Where's all the cooperation between sites like these?

This has got a good chance to go viral

Hopefully, a good quality version with English sub-titles will appear on YouTube or GoogleVideo soon. I'd love to be able to hear the discussion portion.

I'm interested to hear what Ivashov had to say as well as the observations from space by the Russian Cosmonaut who had said he filmed "very interesting" things on 911.

I Saw the English Version of ZERO

The english version of ZERO was shown by Boston 911 Truth on Sept. 11. The movie was excellent. High quality production. It will definitely make a big difference in the Truth movement. We had good sized audience with fair number of newbies. Get this movie and distribute!

Truth Will Prevail

We premiered ZERO in the prime time slot at our Film Festival

and everyone was very enthusiastic about the film. We sold out of the dvd copies of the film and could easily have sold another 30, we also sold out of the German film 9/11 False Flag, which we premiered earlier in our 11 hour day of films, speakers and music.

The film festival was very well attended from the first film showing at noon.

I think we should try to distribute these films as widely as possible and make sure the filmmakers recover their costs.

Great films are still one of the best ways to expand the movement.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

9/11 False Flag

"9/11 False Flag" is an excellent film. (I haven't seen Zero yet.) In our screening, the audience actually applauded to it. It is probably one of the most effective 9/11 truth films available.

9/11 False Flag was

9/11 False Flag was excellent. If anyone hasn't seen it, they should. Zero is even better.

I saw it at the 9/11 Film Festival

in Oakland, CA, on 9/11/08.

I found it the single best feature-length documentary about 9/11 I've ever seen. Bravo!

The version I saw had the original Italian narration with English subtitles. I noticed the version on Russian TV was dubbed into Russian, though you can hear the Italian (and English, where English-language speakers are being interviewed) in the audio background.