April Gallop was told what she saw at the Pentagon

September 18, 2008

Alex Jones talks to former Pentagon employee April Gallop about her experience at ground zero on Sepetember 11, 2001

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Physical Evidence confirms South approach of plane: witnesses describe damaged Antenna of radio tower repaired the day after 9/11

"Shinki Paik made a drawing of the damage to the antenna which looked remarkably similar to the bend in the image above. Other witnesses in the area support the Paik brother’s assertion (there are several office buildings and homes nearby)... I will attempt another FOIA with the State of Virginia and see if I can obtain the records for the maintenance done to the tower on 9/12/2001."
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I heard it last night and thought that somehow this must be posted at blogger.
April goes much farther than ever before.

AJFan, I appreciate your contributions.

How they spun April early on

"April Gallup!, she didn't have a window in her office, she couldn't have seen what hit the building!"

Her office exploded and in the dark chaos she found her infant son and then emerged from ground zero seeing no sign of aircraft.

Not one day goes by....

.....that i don't tune into infowars. I listen daily. They're always right.

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April Gallup - Was there a bomb in the Pentagon?