ANY 9/11 Truth SUPPORTERS Out There???

I've heard from many people and websites that people are not supporting the movement like they should. I hear this over and over again across the board. It's really a HUGE problem. They NEED our help!!!

Financial support is highly lacking. I know times are tough, but there are enough of us that, even if you can spare $10 per month actual hard cash money, it would go a long way toward making things move forward. (most people 'blow' quite a bit of money every month on candy and snacks and coffee drinks and sodas and that sort of thing) I don't understand why movements like for animals and the environment get so much financial support from their supporters, but we are not seeing that in our movement. (it makes us look bad)

And for all the people who claim "people shouldn't be making money off of 9/11" and crap like that, if there is such a thing as a disinfo agent, I would point at them, because I have a hard time believing that people could be THAT clueless. It's always possible for people to be stupid, but anyone who lives in reality should know and understand that (almost) NOTHING can be done without money, and NO ONE is "making money". Only JREF infiltraitors say that sort of thing. ANYONE who has done just a little "street activism" knows how much it costs for little things, like photocopies, and other literature for tabling, and signs, and banners, and other stuff like that. Now multiply that by 100 or 1000 or 10000 for some of the larger groups, and you will start to understand what the true reality of the situation is.

And what about time and abilities and talents and ...? (if you have no time, maybe you have money, and if you have no money, maybe you have time)

There seems to only be a few people who are volunteering services. We need hundreds of people. People who need help should have to be turning people away. (not begging for help)

Here are the types of people who are needed. (but there are probably many others — EVERYONE can do something — even if it's only 5 or 10 hours a week)

Computer people (programmers and others; PHP and MySQL and Javascript and ???)
Website design and implementation (HTML; Flash)
Other designers for logos and banners and artwork
Bookkeeping and accounting and CPA's
Attorney and para-legal and other legal services
Writers and copywriters and editors and others
Secretarial work
Managerial and supervisorial
Audio and voice over
Video production (pre and post)
What else?

If you can volunteer some time or money, reply here. If you need help, reply here. Use this post to get in contact with each other. Make suggestions of who you think needs help or should be supported. (the amount of traffic here will be telling and be indicative of what the future of our movement holds for us all)

nausea7543 When the student

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,

Over the last 3 years I have watched this movement closely. In that time we have increased our internet involvement and more DVD documentaries have come out. I think we need to do more door to door contacts and reach people that way. I have done some of this and I have done a good number of street actions passing out thousands of DVD's and literature on 9/11 Truth. The money I have limits me in what I can do. If close to half the American people know somethings up with the truth about 9/11 then where are they and how are they contributing. We get the government we deserve if we fail to act and do are part.

Take Care Matt

Leave your computer,go down on street +show you are 911 truther

Herblay FRANCE


in fact we should all leave our computers for a while and go onto the street and show that we do not believe the Bush gang and that we are asking for a real investigation into 911. Be physically visible !



Yes - best truth action IMHO

Yes - best truth action IMHO is to take to the streets with a sign, literature and dvd's.

Highway blogging, which I've never done, is proably the best way to reach the most people - conscious or subconsciously, subliminally - just put the 9/11 truth message out there any way you can. In whatever way works best for you.

It's a number's game, pure & simple, and the public needs visuals . . . not emails.

This is just sad

It's no wonder the movement is where it's at today.

And this wasn't even important enough to put on the front page.

And so it goes.