Economic Emergency & Bush Martial Rule

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September 18 - Economic Emergency & Bush Martial Rule

"They thought the carousel would continue for ever,
like all gamblers. And because they are all criminals,
they have no concept of the Rule of Law. On the contrary,
their model is Emile Dirkheim (1858-1917) who postulated
a corrupt environment in which criminal behaviour is the norm,
and adherence to the Rule of Law is considered eccentric,
stupid and pointless. It has come as a nasty shock to these
criminal operatives to find that they have been opposed
while they weren't looking. No, they were all too busy
with their filthy noses in the pigsty trough."

-- Christopher Story

1) ..Bush Martial Rule out of Economic State of Emergency
- - Key Witness to WTC 7 Explosions Dead at 53

Editor’s Notes:

This issue is mostly on an article published by World Reports, one of FN’s recommended sources for late breaking news. This article by Christopher Story could be providing insights and information on what may be behind the sudden turn in the acceleration of world-economic downward spirals, and what may be coming next. Please note disclaimer at the end of each issue, “..views expressed herein are writers’ own and not necessarily of Flyby News.” Nevertheless, I will express that Christopher Story could be taking an active role in countering a complete fascist takeover in the US, and world destabilization. No light stuff, but readers of FN are used to considering controversial issues and ideas out of the mainstream box. When someone writes with the depth and sophistication of C. Story, it will usually either be truthful or disinformation. You can judge for yourself, but it is a time to be diligent and question an administration that first got into power by a group of Supreme Court justices. What is next is anyone’s guess, but I will be watching what happens with Citibank and others, alerted by World Reports. Will Bush-Hitler tyranny succeed or fail? Information could be key in uniting those capable of stopping another and worse takeover of the US government. The other item in this issue is an update from InfoWars on the suspicious demise of Barry Jennings, who was a key witness to WTC-7 explosions. Also updated at FN is a recent Kevin Ryan article, The NIST WTC 7 Report: Bush Science reaches its peak.

crimson lights expel a traitor
seizing revenue for the darkest of moments,
while the train loses control
and innocence for lack of a better word
loses touch, as reality crashes in..
and better to face the madness
than to be consumed with all in our time
while balance gets caught dead
and denial loses it range of conquest.

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September 18 - Economic Emergency Bush Martial Rule

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