2008 Now or Never - 9/10 Part 1 - Washington Park - NYC

WeAreChange members and 9/11 Truth activists from around the world convened in New York City for September 11th visibility/solidarity/outreach actions.

We have strength in numbers. This is the one time of the year where we can come together and be as one, and NYC is the obvious location.

In this video, its September 10, 2008, and folks began to coagulate in Washington Park before marching on to Union Square. The visibility, solidarity, and outreach success is quickly apparent.


It's great to see...


It's beautiful watching concerned patriotic citizens coming together from all over the nation and the world. More and better solutions will grow from our peacefull and rule of law respecting efforts. The change being observed in the attitude toward the Peace, Truth and Accountability movement of large segments of the population, including the growing numbers in State and local government, police and military is encouraging. Go Team!

"Few victories can rival the initial one of parting company with the spectators and stepping into the arena" - Stewart Howe, WeAreChangeLA