Prof. Anthony Hall corresponds with NDP Candidate Dr. Mark Sandilands (Canada)

(Hall will be interviewed by Carol Broulliet tonight - Sept. 22, 2008 - Broulliet also interviews 9/11 researcher Nick Levis tonight. -rep.)

20 September, 2008

Dr. Mark Sandilands,
NDP Candidate for Lethbridge

Thanks Mark for the quick and thoughtful reply. Maybe if you get a
chance to read my paper you will see I address directly some of the
questions you raise.

In my view the failure of the United States to conduct a credible
domestic investigation into the events of 911 ultimately puts the
issue in the international arena. So too does the conduct of officials
in the US-initiated Global War on Terror ultimately demand some sort
of international proceeding to address the war crimes and crimes
against humanity that are taking place even as we speak. These crimes
all have one thing in common-- they are all being committed with the
dark rationale of an increasingly implausible and discredited
interpretation of what happened on 911.

As I see it any conscientious government of Canada-- something that
unfortunately we have not had since September of 2001-- would start
early in its new mandate after the upcoming election by looking into
the mass of evidence already available that strongly suggests we have
been drawn into the US-led global War on Terror based on an
interpretation of 911 that is increasing far removed from the
available data on what happened during that fateful day. A place to
start might be the footnotes in my article, "The Lies and Crimes of
911: A Canadian View of the War on Terror's Origins." Or it might
extend into the information and interpretations spread on and around
the web sites throughout North America, Europe and Australia that are
currently publishing my essay. As I see it I am just scratching the
surface with what I have so far published.

Obviously the interpretations that appear on these web sites and in
the many books and DVDs on the issues range across a broad scale of
quality. But some of the citizens' investigative work is excellent and
deserves a careful hearing in our agencies of sovereign Canadian
governance. I for one particularly like the work on 911 of Professor
Peter Dale Scott. the very gifted son of Frank R. Scott who was one of
the founders of the NDP.

From what I have been witnessing of late, I am seeing an enormous lack
of confidence in our political institutions and in the mainstream
media because of officialdom's failure to take into account the
mounting evidence that we have not been given anything like the truth
on what really caused the events of 911. This failure of our
institutions is having a hugely corrosive effect on public trust in
our mechanisms of governance. I can't overstate the extent of the
growing cynicism and alienation, which frankly I am coming to share
myself. But I am ready to open myself to the possibility that perhaps
the NDP still has the capacity to start the ball rolling, as it has
done so often in the past, in beginning the correction of a terrible

Thanks for not ignoring our efforts in Alberta to inject our quest for
911 Truth into the political process during this time of elections in
North America. Once you and have had a chance to look over my paper,
and perchance to get some advice on it from others who you trust in
the NDP, I would appreciate a more formal response. Perhaps that
response might include some elements and correspondents that would put
the issues that Doug Brinkman and I are raising in theatres and venues
that go well beyond Lethbridge and beyond Alberta.

Once again, thanks Mark for the quick response.

Yours Sincerely,

Anthony J. Hall
Founding Coordinator and Professor of Globalization Studies
University of Lethbridge

(On Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 7:14 PM, Mark Sandilands did reply to Hall, noting that he has questions himself, has seen 'Zeitgeist', and is aware of WTC7. He wonders about the feasibility of a Canadian investigation into an event on US soil.)

> At 6:21 PM -0600 9/20/08, Anthony Hall wrote:
>> Hello Judy, Mark and Other Albertan NDP Officials
>> I see that my friends and colleagues in Edmonton have formalized the
>> request for a response from the federal NDP on whether or not it
>> supports our demand for a Canadian investigation into the possibility
>> that the official conspiracy theory of 911 is incorrect. So what is
>> the response of the NDP candidate here in Lethbridge to the same
>> question?
>> Twenty-four Canadians were killed in the Twin Towers. Four times that
>> many Canadians, plus many more Afghanis, have now died in Afghanistan
>> based on the Conservative government's assertion that we are at war in
>> that country seeking "retribution" for the attacks of 911.
>> For years I, like many of the recipients of this E-Mail, have opposed
>> the military invasions and all the violations of domestic civil
>> liberties and international law done on the name of a particular
>> interpretation of what happened on 911. Increasingly I am coming to
>> see that we have no choice but to go to the roots of the official
>> interpretation if we hope to be successful in stopping the shift
>> towards fascism that is increasingly evident in the initiatives taking
>> place in the United States, Canada, and all over the world in the name
>> of the monstrosity know as the War on Terror.
>> Where does the NDP in Lethbridge, Alberta and Canada stand on these
>> matters?
>> Yours Sincerely,
>> Tony Hall


I will be the first one to admit that we have lost control of our govt and perhaps need some outside help to regain control but...

I would personally like to see the "chimpster" and "Shooter" prosecuted in the USA.

I think it would be great if Canada did their own investigation! .....(you guys could "president-knap" the decider and hold I'm for US maybe?) until we get things under control

...provided you Canadians got control of everything north of the border? probly better than the USA huh?

Interesting times...never thought I would be writing this stuff!