WeAreChange Video Round-up

Various recent videos posted at WeAreChange.org

WeAreChange interviews U.S. Marine Luis Conyer

Danielle Sunjata Speaks at Judson Church, NYC 9/11/08

(plenty more below the fold)
WeAreChange Colorado confronts Nancy Pelosi

WeAreChange Colorado at Obama speaking event

The Economy - by David Dees

Ron Paul discusses current economic crisis

WeAreChange Vancouver vs Adolf "911, 911, 911" Ghouliani

WeAreChange Colorado: Frm. Senator Hank Brown supports new 9/11 investigation

Part 2

WeAreChange Colorado: DNC - actions, interviews, confrontations

2008 U.S. Elections suspended by October?

The Illuminati sElection of 2008 and the Status Quo

good work We Are Change.

Thanks Brian.

Looks like WAC has been busy doing great things.

I felt the anger as Pelosi exited the book signing. She is a traitor.

Danielle Sunjata's talk really resonated with me also.

Good stuff.