Tommy Smothers

Tommy Smothers accepting a 40 year old emmy this week. He talks about speaking truth to power in front of millions. Way to go Tommy!!!

Tommy Smothers

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You never know when you'll hit a gold mine.

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Russ Hallberg

Tommy Smothers played guitar with John Lennon and Yoko Ono video "Give Peace a Chance".

So glad you posted this ...

When viewing the Emmy's on Sunday night, my heart went out to Tommy during his speech, from his language it is obvious he knows the truth of 911.

In fact, one might say that he and Lennon were the first truthers back in the 60's (I remember that time like it was yesterday), and The Smother's Bros. did lose their television program because he spoke the 'truth to power'.

What a powerful statement that people are waking up and giving awards/honors to those of the past who put everything on the line by standing up and speaking truth to power. Members of the academy sure got it right this time.