'Red alert' story vanishes from LA Times website

[Free-lance reporter and former New York Times contributor Paul Conant has always been a no-nonsense, straight-up journalist, not prone to wild panic-mongering. So this was rather a unusual post he made Friday morning at about 10:35 am - let's hope someone at the LA Times was just pulling a prank.]


'Red alert' story vanishes

The bailout talks have failed. Much of the GOP is in revolt. Wall Street biggies are horrified at not being able to stay in control.

So I go to the LA Times website about five minutes ago in order to see that paper's take on the crisis. The screen says that Pentagon security has been breached and that the nation is now on red alert. Then, the screen disappears and the bailout story shows up.

I can't retrieve the "red alert" story, so I don't know what's going on. Google turns up nothing relevant. I was just at the New York Times and Washington Post sites. They had nothing.

So is that weird or what? I can't help but suspect that the administration is about to force through its bailout program via martial law imposed following a major "terrorist" attack that is on the verge of being staged.

Interesting, but...

with no screenshot, ya got nuthin'.

Surely, others saw this as well?

Millions must have seen it , ONCE

it seems to have been chucked in the hole .

Looks like a bit of Paramount fearmongering...

I grabbed what I could...

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Best wishes

911veritas solves another mystery!

Paramount, how tasteless and exploitative can you get?

Looks like just an

Looks like just an advertisement and also looks like it just comes up once per IP. I took a quick screenshot but don't know how to upload it here.

Just an AD-What kinda ad sells red alert pentagon breached ?

That seems a bit weird to me , I need to see a screen shot to see who wrote it .Just copy and paste it here . The once per-ip thing seems to be in effect for me . Does the La times often do that? Why did it dissapear without me refreshing the page after only a few seconds?

Strange about 4 mins ago i went to the latimes ,

I saw it too , but it dissapeared before my eyes and I can find NO reference to it online .I couldn't save it and didn't even have time to read all of it , but i I know I saw it.


Then the page auto refreshed and poof, it was gone...going to try a few things like deleting cookies see if it comes back

OMFG This is wrong on so many levels

I can't even start to name them all.

Hmmm...Fear Based Ads...Buy my product now or you will die in 27 minutes.