Home Mortgage Assistance Plan... Assistance Needed

If the Government should have any hand in the control of the Home Mortgage business they should simply control:

A. The types of loans allowed by banks.
B. The maximum interest rate allowed.
C. The qualifications for those loans.

This is the control that they should have maintained from the beginning. Now they have allowed bad business to lead us into this compromised position. They know exactly how these things happen and should have done something to curb this situation. That is unless this was all engineered. I think we know the answer to that question.

I am here to ask for your suggestions on a solution to this problem that will rectify this situation. I have the beginnings to a plan and would welcome any ideas.

If we are ever going to take back this country we are going to have to show our own resolve. Create a means by which the people can have a say or a guiding hand in positive solutions. If the people are the ones creating the laws and legislation we won't need the government to do it for us.


1. Create grace period payment plan for all mortgage holders willing to apply. Applicants will be given 6 years to make 3 years worth of payments without penalty or additional interest. Extra payments during that time would go towards the principal. Banks will see a constant revenue stream and people would have some relief. Applicants would be required to make 6 payments per year. Might do 10 years to make 5 years payments.

2. Applicants would be required to set up savings account in the bank of the mortgage holder and make deposits equal to 50% of their mortgage payment per month. This money could be taken out but must be approved via application and consultation. Hope is to have a back-up to help with payments after the 6 year period.

3. Government would step in and regulate the types of loans that the banks are allowed to grant as well as the interest on those loans.

4. Lock interest rate. Permanently. Current Mortgage holders would never have rate increase unless they refinance for some reason. Set plan for maintaining interest rates on new loans.

5. Lock property taxes and utility rates. If you want to nationalize something... nationalize utility commodities.
This should stop inflation to a point.

6. Allow for one extension of program to qualifying applicants.

7. New home buyers will have to meet new regulations and qualifications in able to buy a home. New home buyers would be able to apply for program.

Please add any suggestions or modifications.

Bank bailout solution.... Eliminate income taxes. Encourage people to save. If they are successful the people will put the extra cash in their vaults. Good Luck!!! My guess is businesses who have the best business will rise to the top and we will create a new backbone to Wall Street.