Campus Newspaper's article "9/11 Truth Movement Continues to Grow"

I am an older college student. The Texas A & M - Commerce campus newspaper, "The East Texan", asked me late one night if I could submit an article as a guest columnist. The article was due the next day. I pounded the keys till past midnight, giving the article to the Editor who was still at her post.

The paper printed the hard copy on September 25th, 2008 with the article in the middle of page 2. The online edition is now available. "9/11 truth movement continues to grow" Here it is:

Anyone can place a comment. I welcome comments. It will give the article a long life. (Please do NOT start into esoteric stuff about the NWO or subjects that are way beyond the public's common understanding. Just simple, easy to grasp statements are best.)

[This may rub Robert Gates the wrong way. Gates is the current Secretary of Defense. After leaving the CIA (26 years), Gates became president of Texas A&M University.

An Aside:
EXCERPT "...Simply put, we will pay you if, after studying the evidence, you agree with the government's explanation...."

Jon Gold had a good proposal -->


That is fantastic. They know who you are and that you are selling TRUTH
with a Captial T and they asked you. WOW.

More and more are passing the "test".

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Great Job

Well constructed, perfect tone. I wrote a response but haven't seen it yet.

Thank you!!

Thank you Dave! It helps to heighten attention even weeks down the road. Sometimes a comment will be staged in order to weed out spam & such.
Dave, I can tell you that these wonderful comments make a big difference in how the average reader views things.

great job- let's support Tom T's post

Clear, informative, compelling.

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