WeAreChange confronts Douglas Feith on War Crimes

Feith: Iraq Attack Was Preemptive

Pentagon Insider Douglas Feith Tells 60 Minutes Attack On Iraq Was Anticipatory Self-Defense; Not 9/11 Retaliation

(and . . . thanks for yelling at this bastard)

"read Popular Mechanics!"

don't know whether to laugh or cry.


That's some righteous rage right there. Feith belongs in a padded cell along with the rest of the "crazies".

For those who missed it the first time, here is John Pilger grilling Feith on "collateral damage" aka civilians getting their limbs blown off by cowardly war criminals in F-16s and Apache helicopters.

skip past Yosemite Sam to the .37 mark:

Thank you



While I wrote a comment here earlier, that could have been taken as fully approving, I must add that some of the language and tactics used in the later parts of this confrontation are regrettable.

I do believe that people like Douglas Feith should be called on the carpet for their behaviors, and call on We Are Change to use the type of civil but effective methods they used when confronting Larry Silverstein earlier this year. The questions caused him to stumble and say that it was the antenna from the North Tower which caused huge structural damage to WTC 7. The antenna actually fell in the opposite direction.

Don't let your rage ruin your good work. Maintaining decorum and civility, while asking pointed questions of those who might prefer to evade them, is difficult but in the long run it pays dividends. You need to be aware that harshness on your part only provides those being questioned with an out, due to reflexive sympathy towards them from the viewer. Nobody likes to see anyone being beat up on and the problem here is that it is complicated and the viewer may not be aware of how much the person may or may not deserve it.

Your civil questions are what need to take center stage and allow the viewer to decide how well the answers, from those being questioned, stack up against them.


Very well stated, Tony.

>>The questions caused him

>>The questions caused him to stumble
>>Don't let your rage ruin your good work

Good points, Tony.

That was Awesome.

Thank You. Loved the Passion. This guy is a turd if I've ever seen one.

right f-u-c-k-i-n-g on!!!!!!!!!!!

now that's what I'm talking about..... we need 100's of people at every appearance of every person of importance in our political structure in each of our countries.... this is our last stand folks.. STAND UP!!!!!

Brian, Matt and Luke...

...You guys are a true inspiration. That's a straight-up lesson on how to bring it, sling it, edit it and post it. "Wipe that smirk off your face" is soooo called for with that vermin. Thanks for putting him on notice that peacefull, rule of law respecting, "Informed and engaged" citizens across our Nation and the world are stepping up to the responsibility of citizenship. Kudos and many thanks,

Stewart Howe

"Few victories can rival the initial one of parting company with the spectators and stepping ito the arena" - S.H.

Thank you Stewart

and you guys are inspiring us as well with all your great work in LA.

ditto Stewart and ditto

ditto Stewart and
ditto Brian re Stewart :)
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I'm Usually Not In Favor Of Screaming Confrontations

But that was such incredibly righteous and passionate pain, anger and outrage. Truly beautiful. Thank you for expressing that for myself (and thousands of others I am sure) It was a great combo of the one guy calmly repeating the questions and points and the other guy ripping through him relentlessly with the kind of outrage I am positive he very carefully insulates himself from.

(Apologies for not knowing who is who. You know who you are.)