Bush Address Today

I've just heard Bush on BBC World service did I hear Bush right?

Did he say

"It doesn't matter what path is taken to get a law, What's important is that we get a Law"

Ends justifying means?. Congress says NO! no matter - Shock! - Shock! - Emergency! Emergency! Martial Law.

Presto... We got a Law.

So no matter what your elected reps say, you're going to be ripped off big style.

And if your elected reps continue to say no - you get dropped in the "Depression" and are punished Zimbabwe style.

And they tell you Capitalism is about consumer choice!!

1st Responders need our help

I've set up a group here: http://tinyurl.com/3tyyqt... the fealgoodfoundation is there and here
http://www.fealgoodfoundation.com/ I'm using Mammoth List as a tool to raise funds here: http://www.mammothlist.net/?r=12241 I thought that instead of just giving donations if people went to the trouble to do a little more it could be a huge windfall for these men and women. the gift that keeps giving so to speak. Either way please help these 1st rresponders they are us and we are them.



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