CBC National News covers 9/11 Truth, Barrie Zwicker, and the candidate controversy

Bev Collins attack piece.

Please vote this piece of crap into oblivion, and post some comments in support of Collins and Zwicker;

(This piece of crap here, below this line of text, not the video in the OP);


what piece of crap?

Layton stood by Bev. that's more than most politicians will do. of course he knows 911 was an inside job. but of course he can't say it because he's polling 2nd in the prime minister's race here in canada. all they've done here is try to use his tacit support of 911 truth to discredit him in the mainstream

I'm talking about the video linked in the comment I posted.

It's a hit piece. Capice?

commented and voted. thanks

commented and voted. thanks for the heads up

It was a terrorist attack

carried out by Al CIAduh

(which reports to Dick Cheney)

Good as it gets.

This is as close as any mainstream politician will get to dealing with the real issues of 9/11.
All we can do is keep the pressure on and thank them for every little gesture that is in any way supportive.