Speakers CENSORED from "We The People" Fest in L.A.

this just in from Myspace...

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Jack Blood
Date: Oct 1, 2008 3:29 PM

If you haven't heard, all of the speakers INVITED to the "We The People" Fest in Los Angeles this past Saturday, 9.27.08 WERE CENSORED BY AUTHORITIES IN LA

(This included Myself - Jack Blood, Anti War Icon and Congressional Candidate Cindy Sheehan, and Green Party Presidential Candidate and former Congresswoman (GA) Cynthia McKinney.)

The event was besieged with problems beginning just a few weeks before the scheduled event at the Los Angeles State Historic Park located just south of Downtown LA.

The event organizers were put under an enormous amount of pressure after certain political entities became abusive over the event artwork, and the choice of speakers to attend. The police were "concerned" that a riot could ensue if we spoke to the 5,000 plus crowd. (Many more would've been at the event which could hold 20,000 if the police did not block the entrance after they decided too many people were gathered together with "anti - government" opinions.) What happened to the First Amendment????

I was about to speak before Suicidal Tendencies - just after Fishbone when I was pulled off stage and told that the cops would shut down the event if I was allowed to go on stage. (I had planned to bring Dylan Avery from "Loose Change" on stage with me)
ST had really fired up the crowd, and then were besieged by "technical problems"

Later,Cindy Sheehan was told that she could introduce Tom Morello (Rage against the Machine) but would NOT be allowed to address the crowd. She refused the "offer".

Cynthia McKinney was warned ahead of time that she would not be allowed to take the stage and did not attend the event.

Shavarsh "Shavo" Odadjian (System of a Down) also did not attend the event as scheduled, and I assumed this was because of the nature of what was (not) happening.

The event organizers, in my opinion, could have done a better job standing up to the authorities, but should not be blamed at this time. (I will reserve judgment) If the concert was shut down it certainly would've resulted in a full scale riot, which might have been the goal all along. In attendance were hundreds of small children who would have been caught in an extremely violent situation.

The censorship came from several source points.

1) The Mayor of LA: Antonio Villaraigosa who is a major Obama supporter, and who had wanted to speak from the main stage earlier in the day, on the contingency that the 3 scheduled speakers not be allowed to take the main stage. It appears that all orders carried out by local police were directed from the Mayor's office. (Who was giving orders to the State Police?)

2) Rock the Vote: We heard that they had booked most of the bands, and were displeased by the "anti establishment" "anti Obama" rhetoric previously displayed by the 3 speakers. (OK I am Guilty)

3) The Obama campaign: Who had somehow co-opted the event. There were several Obama and anti McCain booths at the event, and after the speakers were censored, the entire event turned into an Obama rally.

The question is, did the Obama campaign recruit the Mayor (and the Staters) to stop the 3 speakers who would oppose their candidate, and reveal that neither the Demopublicans, nor Republicrats were coming to save us.

4) Every speaker scheduled to speak were also 911 Truth supporters, and we can assume that certain people in positions of power did not want us to detail the high crimes and treason perpetrated by the guilty.

TODAY - 10.1.08 - I will be joined by Cindy Sheehan (www.cindyforcongress.org)
AND Dylan Avery www.loosechange911.com

2nd Hour starts at 5 PM Eastern Time.

www.gcnlive.com (Stream 2)
OR you can look for it later at www.deadlinelive.info

I want to thank the organizers of this event for inviting me, and attempting to make a world class event in one of the biggest cities in the world.

What we have learned is just how far the establishment will go to shut down the TRUTH! In the future we might leave our children at home so that we can respond in such a way that the authorities will understand that WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WERE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Long Live the Revolution!

Jack Blood
(Thought Criminal & Enemy of the State)

Obama Is A Psychological Operation With A Pulse

He has been carefully manufactured in my view to redirect the discontent of the citizenry AWAY from any genuine "outsider" candidate or movement.

He has been manufactured to extinguish a genuine revolution.

The people surrounding Obama are a Who's Who of the establishment.

Sorry if my word is more liability than asset...

... but I think you are correct.

Pasty Black Guy..

The Ivy Leagues back in the northeast had a problem after GWB was awarded the presidency for the second time...after Kerry lost [perhaps willingly because the Ivies were covered either way]. They knew that they simply couldn't, as they usually do, run another "pasty white guy" like GHWB, Dukakis, Gore, GWB, Kerry, and even Clinton after he was exposed as republican light.

The Ivies ALWAYS work their powers to get a hand at the presidential poker table regardless of what party or position...they just weasle their way into the game...ALWAYS...party affilliation is irrelevant...corporate, financial, military and certain other foriegn country tie-ins are ALL that are relevant!

So, they found and CREATED a "pasty black guy" who they elevated into all the high profile positions at Harvard and then positioned him at the 04' Dem convention. Whatever happens at Harvard and the other Ivies has FAR more to do with corporatocracy than it does "meritocracy" ...which is the common myth. That old set of PATRICIAN institutions represents the first power "re-grab" of the Brit-anglos that lost-but-won, the USofA way back then.

In many ways Great Brittain is still calling many of the shots in this country on a major scale.

Obama is a total fabrication...and this is why he can't speak on his feet...

Moving onto first amendment rights...

It should be coming more and more clear that "The Man" has figured out a way to completely nuetralize the "big gathering and protest" things. Well, they cannot stop individuals or small groups from using their first amendment rights to inform and rally the public while standing on street corners, on bridge overpasses, outside sporting events and at concerts and fairs etc...

Its called CI...Civil Informationing...and in the end, its WAY more efficient at making lasting change than such large events because it reaches more people per attendee at the large protest events. And although if CI is done respectfully and conversationally, its a lotta fun, CI isn't quite as much fun as the big gigs.

So, I think that CI should happen in the mornings all around the metro regions and then everybody should gather at a great central local location for a great concert in the evenngs where its just a concert and we party and share stories about our days doing CI. This is UNSTOPPABLE...and can be a blast!

CI brings more people into the rabbitt hole than do all the big events...at least in THIS century...

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon

"Queen of the sub prime mortagage disaster"

June 20, 2008

Dennis Bernstein talks with Catherine Austin Fitts: The first corporate sub-prime con men arrested today; will Obama's National Finance Chair be next



Thanks for posting Lullaby. Thank you, Jack Blood. And Shumonik, for your related blog also.

WTF?!? This is an outrage! McKinney, Sheehan and Blood, all forbidden from speaking at LA's We The People Festival? By order of Mayor Villaraigosa? Hishonor who, on his trips to Israel, has been handing over our port security and water treatment to the same foreign interests who failed us on 9/11? (Described as "water conservation" http://articles.latimes.com/2008/jun/19/local/me-mayor19) I don't want these guys anywhere near my water! The speakers, including Blood, who had planned to bring Dylan Avery on stage with him, were pulled for fear of a riot? And because Rock The Vote had co-opted the event and turned it into an Obama rally? Rock this! Here's an idea: next year, call it We The Sheeple Festival.

This was on my calendar and I missed it. A lot has been going on here in LA recently, including tabling on Sunday afternoons at Santa Monica Third Street Promenade. I had looked into having a 9/11 Truth booth at the festival and they wanted $500. I wonder now if a request would have been denied outright!

How timely. Plenty of reason for a descent on the LA City Council chambers on Oct 10. Maybe this little weasel mayor of ours needs a recall. The newly launched www.MadAsHellNetwork.org had already announced this upcoming action http://www.madashellnetwork.org/#pressreleaseoct10th before I even learned of this latest assault on free speech at the festival. All is not well in La La Land. (Was it ever?)

Watch as Shannon from WeAreChange Long Beach erases the smile from Tony V's smarmy little mug faster than the speed of light, by asking him a pointed question about 9/11: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BVHR67Ljwo

At David Icke last night, hundreds of fliers were passed out for what promises to be a huge regional So Cal October Eleventh action in Santa Monica.
http://9-11.meetup.com/359/calendar/8814219/ It's a Saturday, so be there or be square. Here's a shot from 11/11/07:


The Eleventh of Every Month until Justice www.TruthAction.org

monthly meetings in LA (check websites for details):

www.911TruthLA.com first Sat of the month (10/4) Unurban Cafe, Santa Monica

www.WACLA.org , http://9-11.meetup.com/359/ first Sun of the month (10/5) Cafe Tropical, Silverlake

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

I see Johnny Wave in the photo.

Is this a recent photograph?

Looks like a good crowd. Good work.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


The Dems have been on board the police state since the beginning. They have no respect for the constitution, nor for the rights of regular people to dissent.

Los Angeles has been particularly criminal in its suppression of protesters. They turn out hundreds and even thousands of Robocops for political events. Sometimes they shoot the crowds with rubber bullets and pepper spray. The cops have actually tried to instigate riots.

"Change" is not coming.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.

I saw the welt

... on Shumonik's torso. He was struck by a rubber bullet at the May Day melee in '07.
On the other hand, while out Truthing, we have had some remarkably positive encounters with police and fire. Even Homeland Security. LOL. But, the subject at hand, regarding the festival, is very troubling.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.