Making 9/11 a Campaign Issue

With the election coming up soon, I must admit that "my campaign" is off to a very slow start, in no small part because of health concerns. I finally consented to get a biopsy during the Green Party Convention and at the end of July received the happy results that the "cysts throughout my pancreas were benign."

August, I focused my energy on our annual 9/11 Truth Rally/March/Film Festival/weekly radio show and only in September was I able to write speeches, speak at political events. An enthusiastic supporter is revamping my old campaign website. My opponent has admitted her ignorance on economic issues and rushes to bailout the bankers. Prior to 9/11, my main issue was monetary reform, promoting local currencies, challenging corporate globalization.

Here is a bit of local coverage on the race, followed by the text of my speech which will be shown on local television, and the video will posted on KTVU's website. An ardent supporter of "impeachment, a new investigation of 9/11, exposing the criminality of the current policies, and changing the direction of the country," I do hope to make as much noise, as possible, on the 9/11 issue between now, and November 4th, and I could use some help with graphics, TV ads, local outreach.

Incumbent Eshoo faces competition from three others for another term in Congress
by Kurtis Alexander - Stall Writer

EDITOR'S NOTE: Incumbent Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, is running against Libertarian Brian Holtz, Republican Ronny Santana and Green Carol Brouillet for the 14th Congressional District seat.

SANTA CRUZ --The work in Congress hasn't been easy lately.

If it's not voting to spend $700 billion of taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street, it's figuring out what to do about offshore oil exploration. There's also a war on two fronts, not to mention that most in Congress are up for re-election next month.

Sixteen-year Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, is one of those seeking another term and, with three relatively unknown challengers vying for her seat, she's counting on her experience to appeal to voters during these turbulent times.

The Democratic lawmaker has long toed the progressive line of her party, scoring high marks for votes on social and health issues, reforming energy policy and environmental protection.

Last week, Eshoo was among House Democrats disappointed about the failure of Congress to renew a decades-old moratorium on domestic drilling. "I've always fought offshore oil drilling. It's simply wrong-headed," she said in a recent interview.

She acknowledged Democrats backed away from the ban after Republicans threatened to block a spending bill and shut down the federal government should Democrats insist on the moratorium. Her party intends to revisit the drilling issue when the new presidential administration
takes office next year.

This week, Eshoo supported a controversial proposal to use billions of federal dollars to address what she called the "Chernobyl of the financial sector." She said the government plan is necessary to stave off more economic turmoil and that it was an improvement over earlier proposals.

Eshoo blamed the collapse of the markets on the "cowboy capitalism" promoted during President Bush's two terms.

None of Eshoo's three challengers said they support the bailout package proposed this week.

"We need the people who took the risk to pay the price or otherwise they'll keep doing this," said Libertarian candidate Brian Holtz, a software engineer at Yahoo and resident of Los Altos Hills.

Holtz, like the three others who want Eshoo's job, acknowledges his chances of winning the election are slim but he wants to give voters another option.

Opposite Holtz's libertarian platform is Carol Brouillet, the candidate for the Green Party.

Brouillet, who maintains that Sept. 11 was an inside job, ran unsuccessfully for Congress two years ago on a pledge to impeach the president. "The reason I'm doing it again is to raise the issues that are taboo," said Brouillet, a Palo Alto resident and longtime political activist.

Brouillet is a staunch opponent of the war in Iraq and would put military money and resources to work for other purposes.

Incidentally, Eshoo was among the minority in Congress who voted in 2002 against giving the president the authority to go to war.

Republican Ronny Santana, of Saratoga, is also on the ballot.

"I know I'm the underdog," he said. "But regardless of the fact, if you believe in your voice, it needs to be heard and you need to share it."

If elected, Santana says he would push to better enforce immigration laws, fight terrorism and protect the public from government intrusion.

Eshoo was elected to the House of Representatives in 1992, after having served on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors for 10 years.

In Congress, Eshoo sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Energy and Commerce Committee, where she serves on the Subcommittee on Health and the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet.

One of her recent legislative proposals, which drew no shortage of media attention, would require the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the volume of television commercials. The bill, which has yet to be passed, came in response to complaints about the sudden increase of volume when television programs yield to the commercial break.

"I know there's profound issues facing this country, but there are still other things lower on the totem poll that we have to look after," she said.

Anna Eshoo
PARTY: Democrat.

AGE: 65.

OCCUPATION: U.S. representative.

HOME: Palo Alto.

FAMILY: Divorced, two children.

EDUCATION: Associate's degree from Canada College, Redwood City.

ISSUES: Energy independence, drawdown of American troops in Iraq, access to health care, environmental protection.


Carol Brouillet

PARTY: Green.

AGE: 51.

OCCUPATION: Mother, activist.

HOME: Palo Alto.

FAMILY: Married,

three children.

ISSUES: Impeachment of President Bush, repeal of Patriot Act, redirect military resources.


Ronny Santana

PARTY: Republican.

AGE: 47.

OCCUPATION: Business owner/real estate.

HOME: Saratoga.

FAMILY: Married, two sons.

ISSUES: Fighting terrorism, enforcing immigration policy, prevent government intrusion.

Brian Holtz

PARTY: Libertarian.

AGE: 43.

OCCUPATION: Yahoo software engineer.

HOME: Los Altos Hills.

FAMILY: Married, three daughters.

EDUCATION: B.A. in computer science from University of Southern Mississippi; master's in computer science from University of Michigan.

ISSUES: Reducing government controls.


Carol Brouillet Green Party Candidate California District 14

..."It is out of love for my family and the world that I work for political change. I want to redirect our nation’s resources from a war economy-- from killing and controlling-- towards a peace economy. War is the biggest, most lucrative business on the planet.

Congress has supported a corporate military agenda that threatens our nation and the world. The Executive Branch has attacked our rights, launched pre-emptive wars based on deceptions, institutionalized torture, military and police force against people who stand in its way. The most outrageous conspiracy theory about 9/11 was the one used to sell the war in Iraq.

The Bush Administration’s corruption of science to pursue political goals violates the health and well-being of all and clouds our ability to make rational, wise decisions. The White House directed the EPA to falsely reassure people about the air and water quality at Ground Zero in the wake of 9/11. As a result, people are still dying from their exposure to the toxic dust.

Congress failed to investigate 9/11. The 9/11 Commission, overseen by the author of the pre-emptive war doctrine, used their report, with its omissions and distortions, based on unreliable tortured confessions, to justify the construction of Homeland Security, and to pave the path for future wars. Yet, Congress approved its flawed recommendations, to expand a police state that has been used to violently suppress and criminalize us.

Why were those most responsible for the failures of the military and the intelligence agencies on September 11th, rewarded with promotions and increased budgets?

The Project for a New American Century, called for the U.S. to extend its power, including the domination of space, cyberspace, military technologies, and information systems. Their report says: “The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a New Pearl Harbor.”

Who had the ability to carry out 9-11, to destroy the evidence, to cover it up, and who benefited? Cheney and Rumsfeld had worked for twenty years on “Continuity of Government plans” which were partially implemented on the morning of 9/11. The emergency measures have been renewed annually by the President, although the details have been kept secret. We do know that within the Continuity of Government plans, Congress is viewed as an impediment that can be discarded in favor of unelected, unknown appointees.

Cheney and Bush must be asked to testify “What were the orders that they issued that morning?” and “Who was overseeing the multiple war exercises that were being conducted?”

In August, the government released a report on World Trade Center 7. Not hit by a plane, its rapid disintegration into a neat pile exhibited all the characteristics of a controlled demolition. Yet, the report claims this 47-story steel-framed high rise collapsed on 9/11 due to normal office fires--a first in history. It's farcical Bush science, denying reality. Treason is a crime which demands impeachment.

We need to impeach those who have committed the highest crimes against our country. We need to recognize that the “War on Terror” is the biggest fraud ever and is a “War of Terror” against all of us.

“Real security” doesn’t depend upon weapons, spies, deceptions. Security cannot come from terrorizing entire nations in order to maintain the wealth and power of a few over the many. Real security comes from healthy relationships, a healthy environment, the cooperation of those who value and respect life and one another.

We need citizen oversight at every level of our electoral processes, or we will be stuck with illegitimate, criminal governments serving corporations, at the expense of people and planet.

The failure of the press to seek the truth, expose the lies, has obliged those of us who love life and care to become the media.

I organized the first rallies and marches to demand a Congressional Investigation of 9/11, the first San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11, 9/11 Film Festivals, events for years. Those who look at the evidence know that the official reports on 9/11 are frauds. We need a genuine investigation of 9/11, we need the truth, to make wise, intelligent decisions.

Aung Sung Suu Kyi wrote: "It is not power that corrupts, but fear -- fear of losing power and fear of the scourge of those who wield it."

War, terror, fear have been wielded by those frightened of losing power.

Do we want to be ruled by fear or to be ruled by laws which apply equally to everyone? We must champion truth.
Truth is powerful, combined with love, it gives us the courage to speak, and becomes the most powerful force in the Universe.

Vote for truth, for impeachment, for genuine investigations, for peace, for justice. Vote Green, for me, Carol Brouillet, for Congress.