Catherine Austin Fitts talks about why building 7 was brought down

Catherine Austin Fitts discusses 2.3 trillion dollars missing on 9/10/01, building 7 and pentagon record destruction to cover this up.
Pertinent content starts at about 3 minutes and 45 seconds in to this video

Robert Baer: "Of course he's dead" referring to Bin Laden

"Of course he's dead" referring to Bin Laden

The interview is excellent but the best part is the last five minutes.

Ex-CIA Operative Discusses 'The Devil We Know'

[37 min 59 sec]

Fresh Air from WHYY, October 2, 2008 · In his new book, The Devil We Know, former CIA operative Robert Baer argues that Iran is an up-and-coming — and often misunderstood — superpower, with strong influences throughout the Middle East.

"The sooner we understand the Iranian paradox — who they are, what they want, how they want to both humble us and work with us — the sooner we'll understand how to come to terms with the new Iranian superpower," writes Baer.

Baer's previous book, See No Evil, was the basis for the George Clooney film Syriana.

Our Next Brainstorm: Let’s Bail OUT OF Wall Street

Our Next Brainstorm: Let’s Bail OUT OF Wall Street
Catherine Austin Fitts and News & Commentary,
October 3, 2008 at 4:10 pm


The time has come to purge these people from our lives. How do we do it? Since our readers had such great ideas on the bumper stickers brainstorm (yes, we are making some!), we thought we would invite ideas on what to do now that Congress has given Wall Street another trillion dollars and a get out of jail free card.

By Catherine Austin Fitts and Carolyn Betts, Esq.

Here are ten ideas that we wrote up to get us started. Sound off with actions you think we can take!

(1) Vote with your feet and our money in your personal banking affairs. Take all the money you control out of big money-center, tapeworm banks and financial institutions and put it in local credit unions, thrift institutions, savings banks and state chartered banks.

(2) Take control over your retirement savings. Listen to our audio seminar, Positioning Your Assets for Growth in Uncertain Times and use what you learn to protect your assets. Look for more ways to use your investments to increase self-sufficiency for you, your family and your community. Look into the requirements for self-directed IRAs, which will allow you to invest in such things as precious metals, commodities, real estate, local small businesses and offshore investments that are not publicly traded or otherwise on the usual lists available to small investors. If you are limited in your investment options because your retirement funds are in your employer’s 401K, research the list of permitted investments and purge your portfolio as much as possible of tapeworm companies. While you’re at it, talk to the investment folks at your company and urge them to adopt anti-tapeworm investment strategies.