Convar and the hard disks recovered from Ground Zero

I found these two clips on the site of the german company Convar, which was given the task of recovering the data from hard disks salvaged from Ground Zero. I have subtitled and uploaded them to YouTube for your convenience.

Convar, WTC hard disks (subtitled) Heute Journal, 3/11/2002

Convar WTC hard disks (subtitled), Galileo, 1/16/2002

This last clip is from the 9/11 episode of the dutch program 'Zembla' in which a spokesperson for Convar confirms their previous statements about insider trading:

Convar, Zembla, 9/10/2006

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Why can't the German people recognize the 4th Reich when they see it? Unfortunatly, most Europeans are unaware that America, powered by the elites and the international bankers, is pulling a Hitler and taking over the world. History repeats...

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These video should make useful tools for introducing resistant people who want "neutral" evidence from an authoritative source.


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The "creative" form of the confirmation makes it quite clear that pressure has been brought to bear on more than the disks themselves.

I will incorporate these here

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Expectance of collapse


(The argument is based on the assumption, that what we are told here about the nature of the fraud - among other things that it was a creditcardfraud - is true)

1) If the whole point of recovering the data from these disks is to track down the perpetraitors of this creditcard insiderfraud, this must clearly be deemed a viable way of tracking the perpetraitors.

2) If the data had been recovered just after the attacks, one must assume, that it would have been easy to track the perpetraitiors almost immediately.

3) One must also assume, that the perpetraitors would have known this.

4) If the above is true, then it must have been part of the plan that the towers would collapse and destroy - or significantly delay the recovery of - the data that could be used to track the location (physical and/or cyberlocation) of the insidertraders.

5) But it could NOT have been expected with any real certainty, that the towers - both towers - would collapse completely to the ground by the effects of a plane hitting them.

6) Conclusion: This means, that the perpetraitors had a real certainty, that the towers would come down, and they (or the ones who facilitated the attacks and gave information to the insidertraders that they could/should make certain transactions) must have made ingeneering arrangements in the towers to facilitate their total destruction.

[An aside: My speculation, pure speculation, runs on the lines of thermite to weaken and/or cut many/all essential beams and then detonate thermobaric bombs to destroy the towers. Thermobaric bombs have certain advantages, among others that not many of them are needed and that they work extremely well as 'cavebusters' - and the WTC towers' floors were sealed spaces]

yes, as I argue here

"Consider again Wagner’s inference: “They thought that the records of their transactions could not be traced after the main frames were destroyed.” The locations of the computers in question within the towers is unknown, but if Wagner is correct, two possibilities emerge: (1) either the “insiders” had foreknowledge of the precise impact points of the aircraft (otherwise why assume that the main frames would be destroyed?) or (2) they had foreknowledge of the total destruction of the towers. Upon reflection, for numerous reasons the first possibility recedes into remote improbability. But why would “insiders” assume the total collapse of the towers when there was no historical precedent for such an event and the towers had been designed to survive the impact of fuel-laden 707s at 600mph?

If in fact the WTC towers were demolished by explosives, incendiaries or other means, whoever initiated these transactions should be considered suspect for complicity in those acts."

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

I agree. (I just watched the

video, didn't take time to read the text!)

if I recall correctly...

I'm pretty sure Kroll bought Convar in early 2002 to cover up what was found

Convar’s website features

Convar’s website features a video confirming that Convar GmbH did in fact process the
WTC hard drives. The widely disseminated
claim that Kroll Associates--the powerful private-intelligence firm responsible for some
elements of WTC security on 9/11--acquired Convar in June 2002 remains
What can be verified is that Kroll purchased Ontrack Data Recovery, a
U.S.-based rival of Convar with offices in Germany.
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I stand corrected

Stop me before i repeat disinfo again...

i don't remember where i first heard the "Kroll bought Convar" claim or where i verified it, but i've been under the ass-umption for 3 years that it was not in dispute that Kroll had purchased Convar.

I was able to verify without much trouble that Kroll purchased Ontrack in 2002, including , but after 30" i've found nothing to substantiate or explain the connection between Convar and Ontrack, despite "Ontrack/Convar" being printed together in numerous 9/11 articles, including on some sites that i thought were responsible. Searching kroll or ontrack on gets no hits, and there are no convar hits on or . News and corporate reports from the time mention the kroll/ontrack purchase, and subsequent marsh takeover with Kroll/Cherkasky being made the CEO after Greenberg was ousted. I can find nothing re: Kroll purchase of Convar, or Ontrack/Convar merger/takeover, etc.

I signed up for a free 7 day trial with LexisNexis corporate affiliations which should be active for me by Tue, but considering how easy it was to verify kroll/ontrack, and how hard it's been to dig up independent verification of kroll/convar, i doubt i'll find anything.

Thanks much for clarifying, Arie and Michael

Thanks arie.

Not just an 'innernet' rumour.