Article by Aidan Monaghan published in the Journal of 911 Studies; also a reminder to PREPARE

We are pleased to announce that an article by Aidan Monaghan (B.Sc., EET) article has successfully passed the peer-review process at the Journal of 9/11 Studies. The article was published Oct 3, 2008: Plausibility Of 9/11 Aircraft Attacks Generated By GPS-Guided Aircraft Autopilot Systems. Link here:

The editors continue to accept submitted scholarly papers, with the proviso from the Introductory page at this Journal, which states that we encourage contributors to first consider submission to mainstream established journals. And frankly, the editors themselves are busy doing research and writing on such papers (one of which is now undergoing the peer-review process with such an established journal, on the subject of anomalous red/gray chips observed in the WTC dust).

We invite readers to visit the Several of the more famous 911-research papers are presented there, and the "Beginners" section has proven popular (recently updated). The Journal of 9/11 Studies is a peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic-only journal, covering the whole of research related to the events of 11 September, 2001. Many fields of study are represented in the journal, including Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology. All content is freely available online. It is the editors' belief that the case for falsity of the official explanation is well-established and demonstrated by the papers in this Journal.

Now on a personal note to you, my friends -- I wish to revisit my blog entry from 7 Aug 2007. There I warned that we should not be complacent about a supposedly "robust economy" when it was not robust at all. I predicted that the "the big crunch will be noticeable by the general public" by June 30, 2008 (60% likelihood) and by the 2008 election (Nov.) (80% likelihood).

The "big crunch" is happening -- and it will surely get worse before too long. (I also warned about a probable pandemic and quarantine in that post). That is why I again urge you to prepare -- knowing what YOU know, I'm confident you will wish to take steps to prepare for what lies ahead. Here's what you can do right away (will you?) -- quoting from that blog from last year:

Quote/ You’re motivated, right? So here’s the short list. When you check these off, you might want to go to preparedness sites for more suggestions (see point 10).

1. Water, at LEAST 30 gallons per person in your home. Consider using plastic bottles commonly used for juices and soda, or 50-gallon containers. Baby-wipes for cleaning yourself off if showers are limited.

2. 3-month rotating food supply based on your normal, daily diet. One way to do this is to purchase a few extra items each week and gradually increase your supply until it is sufficient for three months. I’m seeking for “voluntary simplicity,” before it becomes involuntary…

3. Years’ supply of food: “For longer-term needs, and where permitted, build a supply of food that will last a long time and that you can use to stay alive, such as wheat, white rice, and beans. These items can last 30 years or more when properly packaged and stored in a cool, dry place.” I have sprouting seeds (lentils, alfalfa, etc.) that I will use to get FRESH veggies, even in winter. A rifle for hunting and fishing gear would be wise.

4. Warm clothing, including hats for all. And consider a wood-burning or kerosene stove. If the electricity goes out, your gas furnace won’t work either – the thermostat and fan use electricity. Large roll of plastic sheeting (at least 4 mil) and duct tape, rope.

5. A little money: greenbacks or silver. (I prefer silver rounds from a coin store. Which do you think will hold its value better over the long haul? Federal reserve notes/IOU’s or silver, gold?) Banks may close for awhile. Trading for what you need? Your neighbor has some antibiotic stored up (for some reason), and you have rope or silver coins to trade...

6. Get out of debt, especially credit-card debt if you possibly can. Interest rates are going up as the housing market and US dollar head down…

7. Needed medicines; talk to your doctor. Consider herbs and essential oils if that is your approach.

8. Books, tapes, things you enjoy. Have some humor around to brighten the day.

9. Solar lamps. I have a bunch of the ones you put out during the day, bring in at night. Flashlights and batteries. Candles and matches. . And a solar cooker for heating and cooking food and pasteurizing water. It can even be used as a “refrigerator” at night (see

10. There’s lots more we can do – see this list (with recommendations and links to help):

No, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’ll breathe easier when you all are prepared, soon. Clearly, 9/11 changed everything. And many of us think that 9/11 truth will change it again – eventually for the better! Another Renaissance. And not with just a few surviving wealthy ones either, after the clean-up.

Get prepared – you don’t want to miss out on where we can go, together. /End quote from my Aug 2007 blog

Best wishes,
Steven E. Jones

Thanks Steve, a good list.

Thanks Steve, a good list. I hadn't really considered a years' supply, but that does make sense now that I think about it.

Nice paper, Aidan! Very simple and elegant.

What about a gun and ammo Steve?

You mention a rifle for hunting, but wouldn't a gun and ammo also be a good idea for self-defense?

Other than that, a pretty good list!

If there is a Bird Flu

If there is a Bird Flu pandemic it'll be a bio release, there have been great natural plagues in the past but the "Bird Flu" media propaganda and hysteria essentially proves by de facto that there's an agenda behind it. It’s either that agenda was just the run of the mill use of fear against the public (i.e. Sars, Mad Cow etc) or it was conditioning for something that was about to happen and was stopped/delayed. I’ve heard Obama, Gordon Brown, Gary Hart and others but Obama in particular, talk about having to “deal with” a pandemic. How can they be so sure it’ll have to be “dealt” with? I think Dr Jones is right to suggest people consider perhaps doing something in case of anything serious happening. It comes off to me at least as compassionate and not fear mongering.

But I would say that prevention is better than cure, and so there should be more discussion in my opinion about getting the word out to people that a “Pandemic” might in fact not be natural at all and in fact agenda driven mass murder. The only way to stop these interests from pursuing insane courses of action like this is to make them not feel they cannot get away with it (or it won't work), because ethics certainly don’t play a part in their thinking. And that’s why 9/11 is an effective parallel to draw to this because it shows human life has no value to them other than what it can be used for. And if it’s marital law they're after and they don’t get it with a financial collapse then they might well try a bio release.

I think the biggest hurdle in communicating this line of reasoning to others is making sure it doesn’t come across as paranoid, fear driven or hysterical. It’s the simple acknowledgement of the need for these people to use crises in a manipulative fashion. And the critical point being that they will create situations if organic “opportunities” take too long/will even happen. Once looking at from that perspective it’s just an understanding and opposition to a criminal manipulative agenda, not “the sky is falling” “End Times Preaching” type nonsense that it could be misinterpreted as.

mad cow

"It’s either that agenda was just the run of the mill use of fear against the public (i.e. Sars, Mad Cow etc)..."

You completely misunderstand the Mad Cow situation. The disease is fatal, incurable, and they were literally grinding up sick cows and feeding them back to the general cow population, thereby spreading it uncontrollably.

The cattle industry sued everyone who called them out claiming "defamation" of beef. They pushed draconian laws against people who protest their industry. They actually categorize protestors as "terrorists."

Far from using Mad Cow to create fear, they have been hiding the reality for years. That's because they refuse to spend the money to TEST for it. Less than a fraction of one percent of cows in this country are tested for it.

I have not eaten commercial beef in 8 years, and I have no intention of trusting my life to the corrupt immoral practices currently sanctioned by the regime.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

This is an important piece of work by Aidan...

Back to the subject of the blog...navigational capabilities of the hijacked??? airliners.

This is a very, very good "primer" for those folks who may not understand how electronics and navigation and control systems may work in airliners. This information will help regarding the noplaners, the remote controllers, the Muslim hijackers, and the Pentagon "air-something" impact issues.

On 9/11 there was...

...modern flight management systems that included not only controlling the aircraft and its precise navigational needs, but integrating many "control and management inputs" that were traditionally managed by pilots...

...navigation information that was precise enought to navigate aircraft to the middle of the sides of the WTCs...

...altitude information and control allowing pilots to reach prescribed altitudes set by them...

...remote control was not a standard option for B757s and B767s and thusly, if remote control WAS the
option, this would have required airline techs to make some important wiring type "changes" somewhere
in the airline's aviation maintenance systems, schedules and reporting structures...

...that pilot-FAA communications systems were NOT restricted by remote control at this time...

Being a pilot myself, and agreeing with captain's responsibilities noted by Chip Burlingame's NEVER give up your aircraft!!!...if the aiirliners were taken over by remote control and NOT by cockpit intrusions, the pilots would have done ALLOTTA TALKING on the radios as their aircraft automatically flew into the sides of the WTCs. Many a "mayday" would have been heard.

Regarding AA77? flying into the Pentagon? by Hanjour?...very doubtful!!!...or...

...if accomplished by a flight director...

[please remember that the authenticity of the FDR for AA77 is under DEEP questioning as to its veracity...]

Its my belief that any flight director could have been programmed for such a descending turn, BUT, the G forces, eccessive airspeeds and the resulting ground effects across the lawn would have "stumped" the onboard flight directors.

It would be nice to get some input and sensibilities from our many experienced pilots regarding how the flight directors might "handle", or "NOT handle" such extreme flying profiles and commands.

Personally, and lacking modern day experiences, I do not think that the flight directors could manage the Penatgon flight profile either...REGARDLESS of all its modern navigation and altitude control sophistication.

My understanding is that any fight directors and flight management systems...aka...automatic pilot systems to put it into layman's terms...would NEVER EVER allow manuevers to take place that would destroy the airframe or cause a situation that would jeapordize the ability of the aircraft to remain airbourne and intact.

Any pilot voices out there about this connundrum?

And how about AA77?

We pretty much know that Hanjour is OUT of the lets look into the flight mangement systems to see IF they could pull it all off.

Getting some insights and answers to these questions woud be producttive indeed.

Again, really nice work Aidan...

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon

Thanks for comments --

great to have this discussion.
Congratulations again to you, Vic (and to Jim).
Patrick, I agree that having "arms of safety" is a good idea.
I have a few things yet to get, and I'm trying THIS WEEK to finish up with some supplies...
I agree (Dem) that a pandemic has been hyped to the public (like the economic situation and the threat of Iran) and may yet be used as an operation by those seeking yet more power... I do want to be prepared for what comes -- and my "vision" is that of a new renaissance as we go on... but it may take time.
Frankly, I am also concerned about earthquakes, but that's a topic for another day.
I don't trust beef either, John...
And Robin, keep up the good work!

Red Chips

I listened again to your interview/debate on Air America in 2007. I originally missed an important point. You stated that you actually ignited one of these superthermite chips. This is no "wall board". This is fascinating and I hope that you include this in your peer reviewed paper. If you have ignited these chips and they have the chemical signature of nanothermite, then there is no longer room for plausible deniability, and the data should be provided to a DA. Perhaps Patrick Lynch in Rhode Island would be interested in your data. He is the district attorney here. Note that superthermite matches will soon be commercially available and Pyrofuse in Mt. Pleasant ,New York may provide remote options as is explained in available patents.