Canadian Action Party's Connie Fogal calls for new 9/11 investigation on CBC-TV

Fogal, along with 7 other "fringe party" leaders, appeared on the weekly national program "CBC News: Sunday" this morning (October 5), calling for a new investigation (albeit in 2 very brief clips). The program's site also provides for viewer comments:

I posted the following comment in response at the CBC website

It will be interesting to see if they let it through and publish it:

Here's what I wrote:
I am sure Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party will hear lots of criticism for suggesting that there is anything suspicious about the official explanation at to what happened on 9/11 or that 9/11 requires further investigation. However, even some of the members of the Keane 9/11 Commission themselves are on record as expressing doubt as to the accuracy of their findings and admitting they were lied to by some of the military witnesses.

The default position in "democracies" is to assume that governments are open and tell the truth. Unfortunately this is a mistake too many people make.

We know the US and its NATO allies have engaged in false flag terror tactics before or planned the US of false flag terror to demonize certain perceived "enemies" in the mind of the public. Just google "Operation Gladio," "Strategy of Tension," "Operaton Northwoods" for further information.

In light of the significant impact that 9/11 has had and will have on our democratic freedoms, not just in the US but around the world, the US government should not be given the benefit of the doubt and their explanations as to what happened that day should be held up to an intensive and thorough investigation - unlike that provided by the Keane Commission.

Yay - they published my comment and, more importantly.......

there are a bunch more comments now, so far all very supportive of the courageous leader of the Canadian Action Party, Ms Connie Fogal, and indicating the commentators support her call to re-investigate 9/11.