For Canadians, Open Letter from Barrie Zwicker re Election Strategy

Friends and Colleagues (please distribute widely if and as you wish) ~

One of the greatest strengths of the 9/11Truth movement is that it is leaderless. I hope it stays that way.

While I believe it dehumanizing to cynically trash all leaders or all politicians (think Tommy Douglas) there nevertheless are good reasons for being skeptical of “leaders” (even those who lead by example toward truth, justice and peace). I suggest all “leaders,” self-chosen or declared by others to be so, should be subject to constant self-scrutiny and scrutiny by others. True leaders will be quick to agree.

I recognize that some people inside and outside the9/11Truth movement have called those of us more prominent in the movement, myself included, leaders. With that recognition comes responsibility. That’s what I am trying to fulfill here. I would regret it if I did not make this effort.

It’s widely agreed that the current Canadian federal election is critical for our future, for several reasons. The reason I’m focusing on the 9/11Truth issue in this Open Letter is the possibility – however slim – of a resolution being brought forward in the next Parliament demanding a re-investigation of the events of 9/11.

Even if such a resolution were a Private Member’s Bill, that would be significant progress for our important cause. If such a Bill came to a vote and lost, which almost certainly it would, that would be even more progress. Think about it. The news would travel around the world, because it would be the second time a Bill had been introduced into a Parliament on this question, the first being Yukihisi Fujita’s Bill in the Japanese Diet last January. A Canadian Bill could add momentum toward a global “World Parliamentarians for 9/11Truth” movement.

Therefore I humbly offer my thoughts and suggestions for your consideration.

1 – The most important immediate action we can take is to raise the issue of 9/11Truth at all-candidates’ meetings. Much more can be said on how best to do this. At the end of this Letter are some personal thoughts about how to do this most effectively.

2 -- Voting is worthwhile. Even recently, winners in federal ridings have been decided by a dozen or fewer voters. In ridings where a particular candidate, like it or not, is virtually certain to win, our votes can still count through strategic voting. See points 4 and 5.

3 -- Some form of proportional representation is desperately overdue in this country. I support Fair Vote Canada and encourage everyone to join FVC. For information highly relevant to this Open Letter go to the Open Letter from FVC to Strategic Voters and Vote Swappers at…..

4 -- Until we get voting reform, strategic voting can help advance the cause of 9/11Truth at the Parliamentary level.

5 -- There are two kinds of strategic voting. Most commonly understood and practiced is voting not for your first choice, but for another choice that will help prevent your last choice from winning. The second kind is “vote pairing,” a legitimate (and legal) strategy. As Gerry Kirk, creator of the website “Pair Vote - Strategic Voting for 2008 Canadian Federal Election” puts it on his site: “Our voting system is a national disgrace. Until we get voting reform, absurd tactics like vote pairing are necessary.” (A link to Gerry’s site is found at the bottom of the Open Letter from FVC.)

6 – A “9/11Truth vote” now exists. Polls and anecdotal evidence indicate that it could be at least 20% of voters. It is possible that in certain ridings the 9/11Truth vote could decide the winner. See the rundown of ridings in the Open Letter from FVC, to fine tune your speculations and plans. If you come to a conclusion, spread the word!

7 – Considerations a Truther might keep in mind, when weighing how to vote, include each party’s and each candidate’s stand on the environment, on social justice, on economic equity. More important, however, because all other issues rest on it, is…

8 – … the party’s or candidate’s dedication to the search for, and expression of truths, inevitably within the reality that “politics is the art of the possible.” Without truth there cannot be justice and without justice there cannot be peace.

9 – 9/11Truth at root is an issue about the inalienable right of all citizens and all candidates to freedom of conscience, research, speech and assembly, including freedom from bullying from any quarter, on ANY issue of grave public importance. Ideally all citizens should defend to the death the right of “Truthers” – and anyone -- to raise questions anywhere and any time, but especially during an important election campaign. But it’s up to Truthers to promote and defend all truths.

10 -- While your individual riding (or someone else’s, if you’re into Vote Pairing) is critical, it’s possible IMO to rate in general, on their “9/11Truth friendliness,” the major parties (plus the Canadian Action Party). My ratings (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best):

CAP (10)

NDP (5)

Green (5)

Bloc (3)

Liberal (1)

Conservative (-100)

To explain fully my ratings would make this letter much too long and probably counter-productive. They are not, however, pulled out of thin air. They are based on more than three years of thinking about this, interactions and various communications. Two more points:

[a] I must stress that in spite of the fact that Jack Layton responded with a quiet “no” when asked by the CBC’s Terry Milewski October 6th on a Reality Check segment on CBC’s The National: “Do you agree with Barrie Zwicker’s stand on 9/11?” the NDP deserves at least a 5. We must look to the future, which includes among other factors the number of seats each party wins and, especially if it’s a minority government, and the many inter-party political possibilities for coalitions, trade-offs and lobbying.

[b] More specifically, if a resolution were to be introduced in Parliament urging a new, international investigation of the events of 9/11, it might be supported by many or most NDP and Green MPs, some Bloc MPs and a smattering of Liberal mavericks.

As this Letter is already too long, and as the time to election day is too short, I will sign off, in the hopes that some of this may be helpful to you, our country, our world, our children and grandchildren and those generations beyond. We are at an incredible historical crossroads. We are experiencing both speed-up and scale-up. Huge developments are happening at warp speed. In crisis is opportunity. “Smaller players” such as the 9/11Truth movement now can exert more leverage than ever before. The dead hands of old institutions such as the banks, the military and the media are slipping from the levers of power they’ve controlled for so long.

Let’s continue even more energetically what we’ve been doing all along -- getting out, asking questions, sharing information, doing whatever we can, each of us in her or his own way to pursue truth, justice and peace. I believe a 9/11Truth “breakthrough” is possible. More likely is a series of “breakthrough” events that probably no one could have predicted. Look at today’s market meltdown. Look at the fact that 9/11Truth is on a burner at all in this election.) Sooner or later, surely, 9/11Truth – and with it, the loosing of a cascade of cleansing truths – will prevail. Let’s try to make it sooner.



Questions to consider asking at all-candidates’ meetings:

1 – Do you support freedom of conscience and freedom of speech on EVERY issue of gave public concern?

(If the candidate answers “Yes” to the first question…)

2 -- Then do you support the right of citizens and other candidates to demand a new comprehensive international inquiry into the events of 9/11?

Another option, rather than asking candidates point blank whether they agree with the official conspiracy theory of 9/11, is to ask:

1 Do you believe that every citizen including all political candidates, should do their own research and arrive their own conclusions on all subjects of public concern?

2 (If answer is “Yes”) Does that include citizens and candidates doing their own research and arriving at their own conclusions on the subject of the events of 9/11?

3 (If the answer is “Yes”) Then would you be willing to consider my conclusions, put extremely briefly, on 9/11 and why I think this subject is so important, and my suggestion for one critical recommended action? (That would be a full, fair international inquiry.)

If any responses are negative, the question can be asked: “Why do you have a problem with this?”


thanks again Barrie

yet more words of wisdom from a true Canadian hero...thanks Barrie!

I had a liberal phone call this evening asking for my vote and I said "only if they'll tell the truth about 9/11"... the lady burst out laughing.. ..I'm glad the topic is so funny

for newbie's, Barrie was the first to question 9/11 on mainstream tv here

wake up winnipeg weekend 2006

media coverage from event

Barrie, they're not "leaders"!

"The proper term for politicians is not "leaders," but "rulers." People who tell us what we must do, and what we must not do, and how they will punish us if we disobey, are not leading us, they are ruling us. They are not pointing the way, and suggesting we follow it, but ordering us where to go, how fast, how far, and what it will cost us if we don’t." - Paul Hein

Btw, I like more or less like your strategy. However, I think you are giving the NDP and the Green Party too high of a rating. The NDP is more or less an "establishment" party (especially if they got a minority gov't). And I think the Green's are on the path to becoming one...