How To Solve the Financial Crisis: Get Rid of the Liars

After 7 years of lies from Bush, Cheney, Pelosi and the gang, people have stopped believing them.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

"Who you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you're saying."

Its like a thief who has been arrested 5 times for burglary. Even though he says all the right things to the judge at sentencing, the judge is still going to throw the book at him.

If the thief is appointed to head a government commission on corruption, do you think people will have confidence in the commission or its proposed actions? (Paulson was the head of Goldman Sachs when they sold huge sums of mortgage-backed securities called collateralized debt obligations, which are part of what caused the financial meltdown).

Paulson, Bernanke, Busy, Pelosi and the gang may be saying nice things about fixing the economy, shoring up the financial system and helping American citizens, but people don't believe them anymore. They've been proven liars one too many times.

While the Bush administration is doing everything in their power to prop up the stock market until they are out of office (or at least until after the election), the problem is them: Americans and people everywhere distrust Bush and congress so much that they see through every superficial magician's trick that might have worked when people had a less jaundiced eye.

People have woken up to the scam. Americans are no longer quite so gullible about how "good" their government is. They hate Bushco and they hate Pelosico.

Who they are speaks so loudly that we can't hear what they're saying.

The only thing that can restore confidence in the economy and the financial system is to replace the whole lot of them (tar and feather them) with honest leaders who will do what's best for the people.

Forget the "toxic debt" that the talking heads keep referring to. The only way to restore confidence is to get rid of the "toxic leaders" who caused the mess.

And while we're at it, we need to replace the systems which are rotten to the core with transparent and honest systems which the people have control over. See also this.

And it's going to get done... bit by bit..

Hopefully Obama. Then Sheehan in San Francisco.. Franken up in Minnesota.. Begich in Alaska.. Then more and more patriots step by step until this god damn system is cleaned up and moving solidly in a new direction. I just got done watching Zeitgeist Addendum, and I'd like some opinions on it, especially from you GW, but I thought it made pretty damn good sense. Utilize technology. Energy Independence. Out with the old. New Fresh Ideas. Look what the internet has done for spread of information/knowledge.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Each election is important to get people in there that are capable of winning and demonstrating a move in the new direction. It is going to happen over a few elections and the "savior" candidate isn't going to help us, be it Obama, Ron Paul, or Kucinich. It has to be incremental changes that come at a consistent pace over a few or many elections. Then there may be a day when our leaders seem more like Naomi Wolf and Naomi Klein than Bitch Pelosi and Officer McCain.

Let's do what we can. Keep the base strong here at Blogger. And spread the information to new populations. Good to see Barrie Zwicker here too. He was a person I trusted when entering into this 9/11 Truth crap. Anyway. Hope everyone else is strong.

I just watched Zeitgeist: Addendum

I thought it was an excellent video. I think every American should watch it so that they can understand the mess we are in. Some of the solutions were noteworthy, especially the one about stopping all young people from joining the military. I think it was Einstein who once said "What if they had a war and nobody showed up?" That would surely end all the wars. Also, destroy the Federal Reserve and put all the big time bankers behind bars where they belong.

Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg: "Someday they'll give a war and nobody will come.
Albert Einstein: "The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking... the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker."
Bob Dylan: "Draft beer, not people."

To Phaedrus

You are probably right about the Einstein quote but I love the Bob Dylan quote. Great one! Thanks. I love it!

I believe this would be an eco-friendly solution

I hope this is said only in jest

A French Revolution type "beheading" wll lead to Serious Blowback from the Feds.

Pls. Do not underestimate the 911 Architects in using their FULL MILITARY CAPABILITY to deal with a Revolution where their people are beheaded for their crimes. I assume no trial is implied in the posting of the photo above.

Even if we do get a trial, beheading the criminals will set even more precedents, turn them to martrys (in the eyes of their followers) and history will not be kind to vigilante street justice - similar to what happened in France hundreds of years ago.

Let us not underestimate what the Hidden Powers can do if they are pushed to a corner.

If we want Long Term Solutions we need to seek Justice. Beheading Bush-Cheney and Co as you have directly implied here will get serious retaliation from the Mercs- Blackwater, DynCorp etc. To say the least.

Are we prepared for the consequences - blood to run in the streets in our haste to vent our frustrations?

I say this clearly to one and all - there are still some high level people in the military WHO DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN 911 AND ARE fully aware of its INSIDE JOB CONSTRUCTS who have made sure that things to do not blow up beyond control (at least thus far). They know vigilante justice - such as removing a derelict Executive by the gullitone or the bullet will only lead to uglier incidents of violence that will spiral to America being totally consumed in destroying itself.

Give them time.

If we provoke a Civil War by killing the American President or even ex-President especially by the blade, (especially without a Trial),believe me the consequences will be more devastating than we can imagine.

I urge people to be patient. Bush and Cheney are not getting any younger and Cheney's heart is not going to last another decade to say the least. If we perpetuate violence against this VERY POWERFUL SYMBOLS OF THE SECRET SHADOW GOVERNMENT THAT RUNS NORTH AMERICA AND MOST THE WORLD - WE WILL FACE A BLOWBACK OF UNPRECEDENTED SCALE.

The best way to remove them is SURGERY, NOT AMPUTAITON with a guillotine. If We hit them by killing their leaders- they will start taking revenge by killing us, our families, our cities and towns and pls don't think they will hesitate. It won't be 3 thousand next time. Figures will be much higher.

The 911 Truthers deep within the bowels if the Military Industrial Complex have so far prevented FURTHER 911s from happening at least thus far - firewalling us from more catastrophe . We undermine their efforts if we seek a quick solution that will have serious blowback. I pray that people here will understand this.

Justice and Vengeance are to totally separate things.

I am sorry to have to post this but these are the facts. I hope AJFan has put this up as only a joke and I mean him to disrespect but others might not see it that way.

These people - the Neocons, the Shadow Govt etc. have to be given a their day in Court.

Even the NAZIs were given the opportunity to defend themselves in Nuremberg.

We fight Evil with Good. Not the Guillotine.

Let us channel our collective anger and indignation to CONSTRUCTIVE work and not destructive work.

The Neo-Cons should never be allowed to become martyrs so that future generations may never be given the opportunity to honour them.

Shame,Incarceration and Life-Long Prison Sentences are more powerful. The Guillotine is quick death. If they spend the rest of their lives in a Maximum Security Prison, I believe their shame and punishment will be more fitting and longer.

We want to do this right, the Right Way, for the Right Reasons and for Posterity. We cannot fight their 911 with our own version of 911. Simply put, our ways are guided by a Moral Compass. We are better people for it.

I apologize to AJFan if this seems like an over-reaction on my part, but you have to understand this site is tracked by various alphabet agencies - NSA etc (without leaving digital footprints which even Reprehensor will not be able to track) and your posts can be used to make our movement look like we are threatening the President etc with the Blade of the Guillotine. We only give them ammo they can use against us.

They want us to look like terrorists. Let's not give them any excuse or avenue for that.

Peaceful Methods are more powerful than violent methods when seeking Justice.

This is a better way. Life Imprisonment. The Guilt and Shame are Sharper than the Blade of Any Sword.

I post this with good intentions with malice to none.

We gotta work with the insiders we have in the Military Industrial Complex who are working 24/7- 365 to firewall and protect the General Population from Catastrophic National Destruction.

That means no repeat 911s so far. At least on American soil.

If enough of the Civilian Population are able to wake up and start demanding a Transparent and More Accountable FEDERAL Government, we have a chance of getting the Unified Chain of Command back to FULL CONSTITUTIONAL GUIDELINES in both the Letter AND the SPIRIT of the Law.

The 911 Truth Movement must always be about Truth and Justice.

Never, never be about Vengeance.

We have to Rebuild America. Not on the Beheaded Bodies of Traitors. But on the Principles Enshrined within the Constitution.

Bush-Cheney and Co are more useful to us Incarcerated for the rest of their lives in jail- shamed FOREVER in the eyes of history.

That day will come if we All ACT in wisdom. Give them no opportunity to call us violent radicals, anarchists or terrorists. Fox news will jump on it in a second.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I wish what you are saying is true...

But I don't think you see things clearly. The Judiciary, Congress, the Executive branch, the Democrats and the Republicsns, Obama and McCain, are all corrupt. There are good and honest people here and there but they evidently have no sway. There will be no fair trial for Cheney in this country, are you kidding? How many members of the Bush admin are currently ignoring Congressional subpeonas to appear before Congress? Congress should send the Sergeant at arms to compell them to appear but will not.

With a Dem majority in Congress, we still have no:

end to the Iraq war
restoration of the Constitution
rejection of bailout bill
free media

Congress is doing NOTHING for us other than treading water.

Did you see Bugliosi's impassioned speech in the "just don't call it impeachment" hearings? He made the case that Bush is a murderer perfectly clear. Accomplished nothing.

Of course violence cannot be discussed here without raising alarms. I understand that. There are limits to what this forum can accomplish. Obviously peaceful demonstrations and petitions have pretty much gotten us no where.

And I'm quite sure AJFAN posted that photo in jest. These are such funny times! Ha ha, I can barely contain my mirth.

"With a Dem majority in

"With a Dem majority in Congress, we still have no:

end to the Iraq war
restoration of the Constitution
rejection of bailout bill
free media

Congress is doing NOTHING for us other than treading water."

All true and i am not suprised by Congress' impotency in dealing with a Criminal Executive.

The Legislative and Judiciary has been emasculated long b4 even Nixon's time.
We had our fair warning in the late 50's early sixties with Ike's Military Industrial Complex Farewell speech and JFK's obvious inside assasination by L. Johnson and his political masters.

Presidents are puppets.

My point is thar targeting the puppets - i.e. Bush, Cheney alone is far from sufficient. There is going to have to be a complete overhaul. All I am saying is that we need to give the people who are on the inside the time and space to surround, immobolize and retard the progression of the Neo-Con Fascists Liberals.

We are both right.

"Obviously peaceful demonstrations and petitions have pretty much gotten us no where."

Not exactly correct. The undercurrents are very very deep.

Thanks to past efforts from such men as Fox Fallon etc, a scheduled war with Iran has been prevented at least thus far. He is out of the "official" picture, but the criminals in D.C are at least thinking twice to say the least of pulling more false-flag wars. For now.

Iran is still being debated. The cost is too high for an easy deceptive Profitable War. If the Israelis decide to take matters into their own hands, history may not repeat itself as in 1967.

In Reversal, Democrats Shelve Iran Resolution :

Hard to argue with a nuclear cruiser off the Syrian ports under Russian control. Peter the Great is just a surface nuclear capable symbol of the Russian will to no longer tolerate rogue internation war mongering. After the August False Flag War Georgia Fiasco , the Russians have tipped the balance in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. At the nuclear level. Washington etc has clearly been signalled on this.

Syrian and Iran have effectively been given a Nuclear Shield. Albeit a small one.

So both Tel-Aviv and D.C. have think abou the cost of more False Flag Wars.

The peaceful civil protests and demonstrations, petitons have been HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in awakening tens of millions in the Continental United States and hundreds of millions if not more WORLDWIDE.

Military Planners in D.C. and elsewhere are FULLY Aware of this.

False Flag Terror on a massive scale has been harder and harder to pull of. Thus far more 911s at least on US soil has been prevented. By making sure the civilian population is active in PEACEFULLY PROTESTING against the evils and wickedness of this regime we are giving the Friends AND Allies we have Deep within the bowels of Government, even the Military Industrial Complex the opportunity to work behind the scenes to NEUTRALIZE the insanity of the Emperor who has no clothes and his cohorts.

This is going to be for the long long haul.

OKC 1995, WTC 1993... , JFK '63 .... we had so many prior false flag events..


We are winning. With Patience and Wisdom we will have victory in sight.

Lets keep up the momentum and wage Peace, Truth and Justice.

Semper Fi.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Orange Jump Suits at the Mall

I'm not in favor of killing anyone. But standing around waiting to be killed by the elite is not a good idea either.

My idea of justice would be to make these guys wear orange jump suits that had "I stole your pension" printed on them and make them sweep up at the malls of america.

They should of course receive a fair trial.

I do quietly cheer people who punch out CEO sociopaths who rob us blind and then blame their crimes on the poor.

There is a great line in "The Gangs of New York" where the NYC politician says, "the trick is to get half the poor to kill the other".

In the movie, "Roger and Me", Michael Moore show how the elites destroyed his town of Flynt by exporting the car jobs and then building a brand new prison. The auto workers were transformed into prisoners and prison guards.

I ramble.

"My idea of justice would be

"My idea of justice would be to make these guys wear orange jump suits that had "I stole your pension" printed on them and make them sweep up at the malls of america."

That's a good one. :)

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Nation of Liars

We have become a Nation of Liars- perhaps this will be "The Age of Liars", not the "Golden Age, part 2", where greed is the core element. Certainly this era has been a confidence game of grand scope, where the lies have compounded daily for almost a decade. Like musical chairs, the music will eventually stop, leaving the liars without anything but thick wallets to sit upon. I hope the world will expose them for the louts they are, and will brand them forever as traitors much like Judas, Benedict Arnold, and Hitler. God damn the lot of them!


People just can't understand that these guys/gals can steal an entire generations pensions and not feel a thing. They even blame their victims for being weak.

Catherine Austin Fitts said that banks are lying, too

More specifically, she said that they're not lending to each other, even when they have money, because they don't trust each other. And they don't trust each other in large part because of funny accounting - which is a form of lying.

Unfortunately for us, it may be far more complicated than getting rid of liars. The total dollar values of existing derivatives is something like $1000 trillion. But world GDP is only about $70 trillion. If Western government assume the liabilities of these derivatives in significant numbers, and then the derivatives blow up, you'd have a situation where these governments could now be 'owned' by any solvent banks that remain. I'm not really sure how plausible this scenario is, but I'm concerned about it, not least because Catherine Austin Fitts has said that debts are, indeed, being transferred from corporations and banks to governments. If so, and the governments don't renege, it'll be the final step to financial serfdom. We will have bankocracies for governments.

Also, recall Aaron Russo's interview by Alex Jones, where he relates that Nick Rockefeller told him, 11 months in advance of 9/11, that there would be an "event", leading to a war on terror, US troops looking for Bin Laden in caves in Afghanistan, and an invasion of Iraq. Precognition, or foreknowledge? I think the answer is obvious.

Well, the plot thickens, based on what I heard a few days ago on the Jeff Farias program. Some guy calls in who is familiar with the financial industry (apparently), and says that even though Chase bank was known for giving mortgages to people who DIDN'T EVEN HAVE JOBS, they are not caught up in the current financial mess, and their stock price is fine. I checked the stock price for the last 2 years, and sure enough, it's been basically moving sideways.

Oh, yeah, Chase is the Rockefeller bank.

Well, I'm sure the main stream media will jump all over these connections, and find out if Rockefeller is psychic , etc. Right?


"If Western government assume the liabilities of these derivatives in significant numbers"
No sooner did I finish reading this post that I checked the MSNBC website and, lo and behold the lead article.
"White House considers bank ownership stakes.
WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is considering taking ownership stakes in a number of U.S. banks as one option it might use to deal with a serious credit crisis, an administration official said Wednesday."
My question is this. Would this be considered fascism or socialism (or socio-fascism?)

if you go far enough to the left or right...

they join. IOW, far right and far left are the same thing. Both require a massive police state to enforce.