911Truth.org's Grassroots Conference Call Tonight At 9PM EST

The last one was REALLY good. - Jon

Dear Colleagues,

Please forgive me for this very late notice... I have apparently lost another week! I guess class warfare unmasked, threats of martial law, and new appropriations bills have kept us all occupied... Seems to me the theory that time is literally speeding up seems to be proving true!

Nonetheless, it's the second Thursday of the month tomorrow, which means it's time for our organizers' call. Let's talk with each other again about projects, ideas, initiatives, needs, strategies, successes, and challenges of organizing right now. This agenda focus has been pretty widely requested by those of you who've been in touch with me, so please attend if you can (or send someone representing your group) to update us on what you're doing and what you'd like to be doing. As with our last call, I'll ask for people who'd like to speak to call out there name which I'll write down and call on people in order, with time for questions, comments between each speaker. With 30-50 people on a call, this seems to work well in allowing everyone an opportunity to have a turn. Please remember to be succinct. If you would like to suggest an agenda item, or can't be on the call but would like to share information or otherwise participate, please call/email me before then. 785-597-5729 or janice@911truth.org.

Thursday, October 9, 2008
9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific
Call-in Number: 518.825.1300
Access Code: 382409#

If our new phone tree could kick in to encourage people to attend, that would be very helpful. Thanks to those of you who've volunteered your time for that effort!

And as for those of you not in the US for whom this call falls at a ridiculous time, or would cause you to incur prohibitive long distance charges, PLEASE know we appreciate everything you're doing, also, and want to be working with you. Perhaps you could send me an email to share with the group here, telling us of what's happening in your part of the world. And of course, if there are things we can be doing to support your efforts, tell us!

As always, THANK YOU all for everything you're doing!! It's a privilege and an honor to call you comrades!

Janice Matthews


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