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more airtime for truth :) Wendy Grossman and Nick Pope feebly attempt to hold up the OCT against Annie Machon and Ian Henshall

WOW! That was amazing!! The

WOW! That was amazing!! The "debunkers" hardly had a leg to stand on.

That Ian Henshall fellow is

an amazing debater. You don't hear too much talk about him in the movement...

wendy grossman?

now, that's what i call a leftgatekeeper. that kind of rhetoric reminds me
of gnome chomsky. like, we are liberal, we tend to fight for the right cause,
but when it comes to 9/11 we're gonna lie our asses off. yup, that's what
a true mainline liberals are these days. so, in other words, characters
such as gorossman or chomsky are the same as cfr scum. period. :)

"wtf i hate all cops"

I loved how almost everyone had changed their minds!

Show people the evidence!

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The Canadian TVO Poll ( ) had 82 % doubting the "official" story.

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Government apologist claims hijackings were "new threat"

They did a really good job in this debate.

Government apologist:

"There were clearly failures... none of this makes it an inside job... this was a totally new threat. All the training manuals, all the mindset of all the air traffic controllers, the officials was configured on a threat from outside. This was new to them. It was beyond their experience and some parts of the system didn't work."

The "outside threat" meme was a lie promoted by a Pentagon official to the 9/11 commission. But even a 9/11 commissioner rejected this claim as ridiculous. I'd have to find a source for this, but it was during the hearings when a Pentagon official tried to claim that NORAD's defense was primarily focused on "outside" threats. The 9/11 commissioner--it might have been Jamie Goreleck who debunked this claim.

Myers: "So we were clearly looking outward. We did not have the situational awareness inward because we did not have the radar coverage. And that, by the way, will become an issue here later on as we discuss the fate of the FAA radars that exist in this country today, whether or not we keep radars and have situational awareness for the interior of this country. "

MS. GORELICK: General Myers, if you listened to the Staff Statement this morning, I think that the question that has to be on the minds of the American people is, where was our military when it should have been defending us, and I think that is a fair question from a layman's point of view. And the response of NORAD, which you used to command, and which General Eberhart now commands, is that NORAD was not postured to defend us domestically unless someone was coming at us from abroad, and that has lots of implications. It has implications for where our fighters were to dispatch, how much we cared about the internal radars which didn't function particularly well, which you were, at NORAD, dependent on. It had implications for whether you can communicate with your fighter pilots when they're up in the air in the interior of the country. It has implications for how you quickly get authorities to the pilots. And so I want to explore very briefly this question with you, because for years the Department of Defense did, in fact, resist having a domestic mission. And, with all due respect, said this was a law enforcement function, we do not have a domestic role. It was very uncomfortable with that role, and I think it's important to address that. That's why I come back to this word posture, we were postured against an external threat. In my experience, the military is very clear about its charters, and who is supposed to do what. So if you go back and you look at the foundational documents for NORAD, they do not say defend us only against a threat coming in from across the ocean, or across our borders. It has two missions, and one of them is control of the airspace above the domestic United States, and aerospace control is defined as providing surveillance and control of the airspace of Canada and the United States. To me that air sovereignty concept means that you have a role which, if you were postured only externally you defined out of the job."

As you can see, this lie was even debunked by the 9/11 commissioner. And you have this hack on a TV debate repeating this lie.

"Testifying before the 9/11 Commission General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the commission in response to a question on NORAD's failure to anticipate the 9/11 attacks, "I can't answer the hypothetical. It's more - it's the way that we were directed to posture, looking outward."(1) This is utterly false. As we will see below NORAD, since its inception in 1958, was tasked to monitor and intercept aircraft flying over American and Canadian air space seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

It was great to see 45% raise to 85% of the audience vote after the debate was finished to change sides to 9/11 truth.
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Re. the unforeseen "new threat" canard

Several months prior to 9/11 at a G8 leaders' conference in Genoa Italy, the Italian government was aware of reported threats that terrorists might try crashing planes into the conference center. Consequently they had installed special anti-aircraft missile defenses to protect the area and had declared a no fly zone around the conference center for the duration of the G8 meeting. As a further precaution, the Shrubmeister spent his nights off shore on a US aircraft carrier.

As reported in the Guardian:

The Genoa G8 summit, held in July this year, was staged under unprecedented security. Many of the defences - including a steel ring around the summit venue - were intended to protect world leaders from anti-globalisation protesters, but others, such as missile batteries at the airport, were used to guard against terrorists.

Gianfranco Fini, Italy's deputy prime minister, earlier confirmed that his government installed the anti-aircraft missiles on the basis of intelligence reports.

"Many people joked about the Italian intelligence force. But actually they had information that in Genoa there was the hypothesis of an attack on the American president with the use of an aeroplane," he said.

"That is why we closed the airspace above Genoa and installed anti-aircraft missiles. Those who joked should now reflect."

Now they knew that there were reports that terrorist planned to strike in the US and they knew that a method favored by terrorists would be to try to crash planes into important buildings (especially those that had politicians inside), yet they leave Washington DC (the capital of the United States and the location of the White House and the Capitol Building and the location with the greatest number of the most important US politicians and the headquarters of the world's most powerful military) unprotected and without air cover for over an hour after the first reports of hijackings had come in that morning. Sorry, but that story sets my spidey sense all a-tingling.

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I can't believe this hasn't gotten more attention.... shy of talking physical evidence, this is the type of exposure we've been striving for... the audience was convinced by the end of the show!!!

Server Censorship

I was at a friends party this weekend and was talking to a person who works for a company that has a server that supports blogs and pod casts and I was telling him that I was interested in posting some things and possibly starting a pod cast dealio. He then told me that they allow anything except....... "911 Conspiracy Theories".

This was of course prior to any conversation regarding 911. I found this somewhat troubling. The fact that this came out as a disclaimer. Guessing his company is not much different than many others.

What was even stranger was the fact that his boss is Muslim.
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